Different Ways To Make Your Content Less Boring

Different Ways To Make Your Content Less Boring

Posted on: 24 February, 2020

Individuals spend a lot of time consuming content online. Social media, email marketing, and online platforms have become a huge part of everyone’s daily lives. The average professional spends 28% of their workday, or 22 hours a week dealing with emails. Since there are so many different platforms utilized and there is so much online content produced, it all starts to blend together and sound the same. You need to make sure your content is created to reach out to your customers, relate to what they want, and grab their attention. It can be difficult to set yourselves apart from all the other companies producing similar content. Listed below are some helpful tips on how you can create more original content. 

Utilize Storytelling

Storytelling is a great way to start creating strong content that relates to your brand’s value. You can create a storyline about what your brand is and how it can help solve the problems of your potential customers. Then you can go into detail about your companies commitment to the customers and how you will be able to help them. You want to prove to them that you are here to support them in the long run and not for a one time sale. Storytelling will engage your customers differently. It will guide them through different steps on how you will assist them along the way.

Create Content With Value

What is valuable content? This is content that proves you are an expert in what you are selling. Valuable content will provide readers guidance to their problems as well as give them actionable steps on how to change. You don’t just have to create blogs to give your potential customers actionable steps. You can create podcasts, webinars, or product brochures to get the information out to your public. Utilizing different mediums will also set yourself apart from your competitors. Some people are more engaged in watching videos than reading blog posts. By using many different mediums to produce content, you will be catering to all different types of people. 

There are many different ways on how you can create valuable content. If you are writing blog-style content, utilize short paragraphs and bullet points. This will allow readers to stay engaged but not feel overwhelmed with a lot of words. Keep your thoughts simple and to the point. If you are creating a video or podcast, you also want to make sure your points are organized and to the point. You have a short amount of time to gain the attention of your audience and once you do, they don’t have a lot of time to spend on lengthy content. 

Hiring A Marketing Agency

There is so much content out on the web nowadays and it can be difficult to set yourself apart from every other company producing similar content. If you would like some advice on what kind of content to produce or what medium to use, Actionable Agency can help you with your marketing needs. We strive to help our clients set themselves apart from competitors and produce engaging content. Contact Actionable Agency to find out how we can help you formulate great content and build a strong website. Call us today at (855) 206-9689.

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