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Posted on: 2 April, 2018

The main goal of most small business owners is to increase sales. Thankfully, there are endless methods available to accomplish this goal. With a good product or useful service, a skilled SEO team, and exceptional customer service, any small business can increase its sales, both online and through the use of traditional marketing.

With both localized and national businesses, a critical part of marketing lies in providing customers a way to find the business so that they know to use the company.  If no one knows about your business, products, or services, it will certainly make it more difficult to garner new business.

Although this may seem obvious, countless businesses lose sales and potential clients simply because people are unable to find them and see what they have to offer. For this reason, businesses must utilize Google Maps to ensure that their business can be located when someone is looking for a product like theirs. If your website does not come up on the front page of Google, you are missing out on potential business and future clients. Rather than Google or another search engine encouraging customers to visit your website, they are encouraging potential customers to check out your competitors to see what they have to offer.

Unlike most other types of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Maps optimization is an essential tool that can help boost the flow of traffic to your website, your physical location, and grow your client base. Our team at Actionable Agency is dedicated to helping your business take advantage of all the benefits Google Maps optimization has to offer.

Significance of Google Maps Optimization

Google Maps optimization is a critical tool used by companies across the globe. Our team understands the importance of putting your business out there for everyone to see. For customers to know about your website and location, they need to see the information in front of them. Nowadays, relevant data is available on Google Maps, providing critical information, maps, directions, and even local lists. Google has spent a substantial amount of time refining and improving this service.

Unlike typical SEO methods, Google Maps optimization provides critical information about your business in a way that makes it easier for consumers to find your business. Not only does optimization provide more visibility for your business, but it can play an important role in your digital marketing strategy. When performed correctly, Google Maps optimization alters and arranges the entrance of Google Maps to provide more traffic for your website.

If you are unsure of how Google Maps optimization can help you, consider these eye-opening figures:

  • Over 82% of local searches will end up with the potential customer calling or visiting stores that show up in their results
  • More than 70% of all searches online are performed with mobile devices
  • Over 61% of these searches lead to purchases
  • 46% of all Google searches are about local information
  • Over 8% of consumers who search for local businesses will end up calling or visiting stores that show up within 24-hours of their search
  • Reports from Google show that 4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to find products and services local businesses have to over

Google Maps optimization is powerful in that it helps position your business locally as a leader in your industry. This method ranks your business using SEO factors like organic SEO elements, Google my Business page accuracy, customer reviews, and various other elements.

Benefits of Google Maps Optimization

Google Maps optimization is an important tool that you can use to expand and grow your business. This powerful tool can get your business on the map – literally. One of the key benefits of this service is that it helps build trust amongst its users. It is imperative to build trust with customers by letting them know that your business really exists and is established enough to have a presence on Google. Google Maps street view will show them your business or storefront and prove to them that you are operating a true establishment.

Another great benefit of Google Maps optimization is that it lets customers find you. No matter how great your website and storefront look, customers will not find you if they are unable to see your store on the map. The truth is that the majority of consumers research products online before purchasing them. Customers often search for the best products and the quickest way to get them. For this reason, they often view Google Maps to see what businesses are in their local so they can stop in to purchase.

Given these benefits, businesses of all sizes can benefit greatly by engaging in Google Maps optimization. Our team at Actionable Agency is dedicated to helping your business grow.

Google Maps Optimization with Keywords and Research

Inputting critical and important details into Google Maps will ensure that customers can find your business and the products or services you offer. The first thing you must do is input your name, address, and phone number. Ensuring this important information is imperative. Having the wrong information can have a detrimental impact on potential customers’ ability to find you.

It is crucial to have a solid introduction for your business. You need to include unique information, verify your account information, and include high-quality images in your listing. Having genuine reviews of your products and services is another exceptional way to market your brand.

Rather than tackling this task alone, contact Actionable Agency so our leading professionals can take care of this for you!

How Actionable Agency can Help Your Business with Google Maps Optimization

At Actionable Agency, we combine years of experience and our in-depth knowledge of search engine algorithms to help your company’s website rank high on Google, Yahoo, and Bing through the use of superior SEO practices and Google Maps optimization. Our team is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of the latest SEO strategies and Google Maps optimization techniques. Our team is dedicated to helping your brand and your company, thrive.

No matter what type of product or service you have to offer, we can help you by delivering top-quality SEO service to get your company recognized by both local and national customers. Contact Actionable Agency at your earliest convenience to get started with a cost-effective Google Maps optimization strategy that will help your business increase visibility and help you reach your goals. Call us today for pricing and more information at 1-855-206-9689.



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