Posted on: 2 April, 2018

In the 1990s, blogs first appeared as online diaries that people would use to provide daily reports of their experiences. Over the past two and a half decades, blogs have rapidly transformed into an invaluable tool that businesses across the globe use. Not only are blogs beneficial in helping business owners share their personal stories, but they are often utilized by companies as a valuable marketing tool to expand their online brand and share their knowledge with others.

Like many new resources, marketing experts recognized the true benefits of blogs in how they can help businesses rapidly grown their online presence. Practicing good marketing tactics through blogging can help boost your rankings on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing and help drive clients to your site

Without a doubt, blogging is essential to your digital marketing strategy. This is especially true for businesses that are up and coming. Utilizing blogger services provided by an experienced team of marketing professionals will ensure your website is launched into the view of countless potential clients.

Blogging is an effective way to develop and strengthen your business relationships with existing and new customers. Unfortunately, business owners are often overwhelmed and unsure of how to begin. For this reason, our team, at Actionable Agency provides top-quality content that converts. We offer affordable blogging plans for any budget to ensure your company is established as a leader in your industry. We work diligently to provide content to you in an efficient and timely manner so you can begin boosting your website traffic sooner rather than later.

What is Blog Marketing?

Blog marketing involves using blogs to reach your home business’ target audience. There once was a time when business owners owned blogs separate from their websites. Today, blogs are integrated into business websites to share knowledge, experiences, and other critical information.  Not only does blogging provide a location for business owners to draw in readers, but it provides them with a platform to drive clients to their site. Some benefits of blogging include:

  • The Cost: Blogging is an extremely affordable way to share information with potential customers in order to build your brand. Hiring Actionable Agency to take the work off your hands ensures top-quality content is shared with visitors that highlights your knowledge and experience in your area of expertise.
  • CreatesTraffic to Your Website: Blogging enables you to drive new and repeat customers to your site. Sharing information, tips, updates, and other content encourages readers to share your blog posts and return in the future.
  • Improve Search Engine Rankings: Blogs play a critical role in boosting the rank of your site. Every day, customers search the internet for products and services. For this reason, our writers at Actionable Agency utilize databases with millions of keywords that potential clients look for when searching for content in a search engine. We select the most popular keywords to draw in your target audience. Not only does this help users find your website, but it also helps search engine spiders connect users with your content.
  • Allows Your Brand to Gain Trust, Recognition, and Credibility: People who search for products and services online like to know who they are working with. Blogs provide business owners like you with the unique opportunity to share knowledge, tips, and valuable information to prove you are an expert in your field. This information makes customers feel more comfortable working with you.

There are endless ways to incorporate blogging into your marketing strategy. Our team at Actionable Agency is here to help you get started.

How Our Blogging Service Can Help You

Without a doubt, your website is one of the most valuable marketing tools you have to work with. Unfortunately, including generic content on your blog is not only boring, but it does nothing to promote your level of expertise. For this reason, our team strives to ensure your website stands out from the rest and provides users with truly unique content that covers your business category in an effective way.

Having top-quality content on your blog is critical. In addition to increasing the visibility of your website, our team at Actionable Agency helps establish your authority to readers. Our experienced writers create blogs that are informative and serve as guides to consumers. The content we provide for your website is guaranteed to reflect your company’s philosophy. We strive to communicate your expertise in a straightforward way to ensure readers understand what you have to offer.

Not only do we offer valuable information to address the potential interests and concerns of readers, but we take an attractive approach that is both user and search-engine friendly. Incorporating relative, fresh, and informative information in your blog is a key component in driving the success of your website.

Working with Actionable Agency

Our team at Actionable Agency takes a unique approach when developing blogs for businesses. We take the time to get to know you before we begin. We like to have a thorough understanding of the products or services you have to offer so we are better able to relay this information in blogs to readers.

After speaking with you, we develop a blog marketing plan. We offer various types of blogs that we can creatively integrate into your website. Some of the content that we create for our clients around the country include:

  • Accident News Story Blogs
  • Category-Specific Written Content
  • Resources and Information Blogs
  • Topical Blogs
  • White Pages
  • Press Releases
  • Practice Area Pages
  • Case Studies
  • And More

We offer daily, weekly, and monthly blogs, as well as blogs to meet your needs. Whether you want a blog to be posted once, twice, or three times per week or you would like us to create 10 or more blogs a day, we are here to provide you with top-quality content that fits your schedule.

All blog content produced by Actionable Agency is individualized to you and your business. We do not article spin and produce the same old cookie-cutter content for our customers. We provide truly unique, SEO-optimized content that drives traffic to your site. If you are ready to boost your brand, gain trust and credibility, and improve your search engine ranking, contact Actionable Agency today to learn more about how effective blogging can help you transform your website into a powerful tool. We are dedicated to crafting content that converts. Call us today for pricing and more information at 1-855-206-9689.



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