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Posted on: 2 April, 2018

Law firms across the nation work diligently to build their clientele and help victims, families, and even those accused of crimes protect their legal rights. Unfortunately, there are numerous instances where people go through an event that leads them to scour the internet for legal options.

Although there are tens of thousands of website options to choose from online, they tend to have the same repetitive content and information. The unfortunate truth is that attorneys live incredibly busy lives. Between spending long hours in courtrooms, surveying the scene of accidents or crimes, and taking an aggressive approach to representing clients to ensure they get the justice they deserve, attorneys have very little time to dedicate to boosting the quality of the content on their website.

Our team of legal content writers at Actionable Agency has several options available to help law firms gain visibility. We can improve the quality of their websites and also attract new clients that need legal representation. Our legal writing team has years of experience helping attorneys across the United States build up desirable and information-filled websites and webpages that show potential clients why they should choose your firm to represent them in their legal proceedings.

Content Writing and Editing

If you have ever found yourself wondering whether people even read website copy, then you must know that they most certainly do! Unfortunately, a lot of law firm websites are filled with generic filler text that is similar to others. To hook an audience, it is crucial that your law firm uses informative, reliable, informative, and original content. This not only improves the appearance of your website, but it helps build trust and boost your search results, web presence, and authority with the major search engines. Increasing your position in all three areas will help lead to client inquiries.

Our writing team at Actionable Agency understands the importance of quality content on our client’s legal websites. For this reason, we have lawyers as wells as paralegals who create our legal content for firms at affordable rates. Our legal writing team has years of experience representing clients in matters involving family law, criminal defense, and personal injury. We specialize in web-friendly legal content tailored specifically to search engines and your audience.

Our team specializes in writing, editing, and producing:

  • Legal Blogs
  • Accident News Reports
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Content
  • Legal Articles
  • General Legal Content
  • Biographies for Lawyers
  • Press Releases
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media Copy
  • Marketing Materials
  • And more

We firmly believe happy clients drive positive results. For this reason, we dedicate extensive time and effort to ensure quality content is provided every time.

How Lawyer Written Content Can Help You

With every content project, we keep various goals in mind. We are dedicated to helping you establish your law firm as an authority in your practice areas. We provide quality and accurate information that helps potential clients understand your level of knowledge and the dedication they can expect from you and your firm if you were to represent them. Furthermore, we help increase the web traffic to your site and improve the quality of client inquiries you receive. Driving clients to your website is extremely beneficial. However, you must be able to retain clients who view your site for information. We work diligently to help this happen.

The content we design is individualized for your firm. You will not see the same cookie-cutter content on websites for other law firms. Instead, we provide quality and unique content that helps your firm better connect with and educate your audience. Furthermore, we strive to differentiate your law firm from others in your area. Our unique approach ensures your website exceeds your expectations. Not only do our lawyers provide content that specifically targets your audience, but it reflects on the users’ needs, which makes it easier for them to find and understand. Our lawyer written content is up-to-date on legal developments and it helps answer questions for potential clients or directs them to resources for more information.

Encourage Client Contact with Lawyer Written Content

Our legal team specializes in creating content that impresses both visitors and search engine spiders. This is critical in boosting your page rankings and helping it land on the front page of Google. Our unique approach to lawyer written content begins with an interview. We speak to you in-depth about your firm to determine what you are looking for. From there, we draft content that highlights your first strengths and advantages that you have to offer.

To ensure viewers can reach your website, we include various keywords that users search for when looking for services in your practice area. We utilize databases that include millions of keywords to ensure your website includes the most popular words in your practice area. We implement keywords in various forms and sentences to increase the number of search terms your website will rank for. Not only do we include the most popular keywords and word strings in your content, but we provide images, videos, and even audio files that help drive visitors to your site.

The bottom line is that your website may be the first interaction potential clients have with you. It is crucial to make an excellent first impression for those in need. Potential clients will research online before deciding which firm to call. Our team at Actionable Agency provides lawyer-written content that will convey what sets your law firm apart from others in your area.

How Actionable Agency Can Help You

Our company has extensive experience providing top-quality content for law firms across the nation. We are dedicated to helping lawyers grow their firms with cost-effective, results-driven solutions. We work with a variety of budgets to ensure law firms can boost their search engine rankings and attract more clients. Not only does our content set your firm apart, but it helps produce a great return on your investment.

Actionable Agency is dedicated to making your job easier. We write and produce content so you do not have to shift your attention away from your core business. Let us take on this task for you. Contact our team at Actionable Agency today to see how our lawyer written content can help your law firm. Call us today for pricing and more information at 1-855-206-9689.


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