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Posted on: 2 April, 2018

Online Reputation Management | Attorney Reputation Services

Your reputation is your most valuable asset. Your online reputation is what people will find when they search for you, and it is what shapes their opinion of you before they contact you. You have spent your career establishing your reputation, but a single piece of bad publicity or poor reviews from a single disgruntled client can damage your reputation completely.

Never underestimate how much a poor online reputation can cost your firm. If a potential client searches for your firm’s name and even a few of the top search results are negative, the chance they will contact your firm is low. Whether or not the negative comments are true, negative search results can jeopardize your firm’s reputation. Online reputation management has a very clear and major impact on your firm’s revenue.

At Actionable Agency, we help you take control of your brand to improve client trust and suppress these negative search results. We use an in-depth reputation management process to keep unwanted results off the first page of search results so you can focus on building your practice.

How Does Reputation Management Work?

We use several proven techniques to protect your firm’s reputation and gain control of your search results. Here are a few of the strategies we will use to suppress negative results.

Legal Blog

Maintaining a blog can also help you establish your brand and reputation while controlling search results for your firm. Some firms choose to purchase a new branded domain to develop a blog, but a blog can also be added to your firm’s website. Performing First will help you establish and develop your blog with fresh, relevant content that is distributed online.

Social Media

It’s important to claim and use your brand’s social media pages. This prevents someone from hijacking your identity online and it helps these profiles rank well on search engine results for your brand. As you claim and use profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media networks, you can gain control of more search result spots and push negative items further down the results.

Encourage Reviews from Clients

Another strategy is encouraging clients to leave an online review of their experience. The vast majority of people read reviews from past clients before hiring an attorney. We can highlight these positive reviews on your website to help establish trust and convert prospective clients.

Press Releases

Press releases are an excellent way to establish your brand, highlight your expertise, and gain control of search results. Performing First can help you publicize cases you have won, good work your firm has done for the community, and other news.

Take Control of Your Reputation Today

What do prospective clients see when they search for your law firm online? If negative reviews or unwanted results are dominating search engine results, it’s time to do something about it. Actionable Agency offers comprehensive reputation management services to help you take control of your online reputation and convert more leads. Contact us today to get started with a proactive reputation management strategy.


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