Law Firm SEO

Posted on: 30 March, 2021

It is pretty clear by now that when people want information, they turn to Google or another top search engine to find legal services that fit their needs. Although social media and word of mouth can play a role in whether someone chooses a particular law firm to help provide them with legal guidance, more often than not people will research law firms before seeking assistance.

When it comes to prospective clients finding your law firm, you must implement SEO marketing. This common-sense way to drive people to your website and bring your law firm to the forefront of search engines will help you expand your law firm, secure new clients, and reach your goals. Working with the skilled marketing team from Actionable Agency, LLC can help to ensure your firm is in the best position imaginable to land on the front page of Google, Yahoo!, and other major search engines across the United States.

Our team has extensive experience helping law firms of all sizes reach their goals by implementing adequate and effective marketing measures surrounding law firm SEO. Our team is available to meet with you and discuss various ways that we can help you achieve the rankings you desire. Contact our SEO specialists today to explore options available for you.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, SEO, is a set of processes used by websites to expand their visibility online. Law firm SEO includes developing strategies and implementing tactics and techniques that help drive people to your website and increase the number of clients you gain. This process includes gaining top-ranking positions on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and other major search engines.

SEO is imperative when it comes to landing potential clients. Over the past decade, we have seen a major change in the way people research, locate, and select law firms to help with their legal needs. Search engines have become the leading channel for people across the United States. Many people perform internet searches to find out legal information and locate law firms in their areas to help. Since Google was founded in 1998, it has launched to the forefront of webpages and phones everywhere. More than 1.2 trillion Google searches are performed every single day. More than 87% of smartphone owners utilize search engines at least one time each day, with 96% of users turning to Google. More than 51% of website traffic comes from organic searches. For this reason, your website must be visible to people searching in your area.

As you know, the Yellow Pages are no longer the go-to source for information. Instead, we are seeing a major increase in internet traffic for people looking for names, addresses, and contact information for reputable law firms in their area. Businesses need to turn to these platforms and ensure their information is accessible to potential clients.

Studies have found that the placement of your website is a major factor in whether or not people find you online. The first positions on Google search results pages present a 34% chance of a click-through rating on mobile phones and a 35% chance of click-through rating on desktops. The percentage of traffic from searches drops between 2 and 3% on the second page and continues to decrease from there. Less than 75% of people look at the second page and beyond when performing a search online for information. If your business website is placed on the second page, or any subsequent search results page, you may be out of luck.

It is pretty clear that the majority of people turn to search engines and reach out to law firms ranking on the first page. Your law firm must take advantage of all that SEO has to offer. Because more than 96% of people search for legal advice using Google and other large search engines, and more than 74% of these users visit law firm websites, you must do what you can to earn top rankings and get your law firm noticed. Implementing an effective and strategic SEO law firm marketing plan can help to ensure your firm succeeds online.

Five Things that Result in Successful SEO

Various things can help your website become successful with the use of SEO. These essential factors help gain recognition, increase rankings, and earn placement above other competing law firms in your area. Five things that are imperative when it comes to successfully utilizing SEO include:

Content: The content on your website is one of the driving factors when it comes to your ranking on Google, user experiences, and whether people spent an extended time on your website. You must implement relevant and knowledgeable content on your website. Google ranks your website depending on whether it is likely to answer questions for users. If Google is confident that your website will benefit users, it will rank your page higher than others. SEO plays a major role in your website’s ranking. It is crucial that your content is top-quality, robust, and contains SEO keywords that will draw users in.

User Experience: Having an objective website design also plays a leading role in whether your site ranks highly among others. The user’s experience, or UX, will determine whether people turn to your website and whether they remain on it for an extended time. Although branding is important, the design of your site will play a much larger role in generating new leads. The website must have content that is easy to read. You should avoid moving background and other animations that make it hard to focus. Fonts should be appropriate sizes and headings should be used to break up different bodies of text. Headers of different sizes can help you organize your website’s content. This improves the overall site architecture and helps users know how to operate your website without having to think about it. Your law firm’s page should be designed in a way that guides users between different pages with ease.

Structure: In general, three structural requirements ensure your website can operate flawlessly on all platforms. Your website must be:

  • Mobile friendly: A mobile-friendly web design is responsive and automatically adjusts to fit all screen sizes. This ensures the user will have the best possible experience while maneuvering your website on any
  • Security: Your website must have updated security measures in place to ensure the safety of visitors. You must have a valid security certificate for your website that is up to date and applied across your website universally.
  • Fast-Loading: No one wants to wait an extended time for your website to load. Even the most prestigious law firm can scare away potential clients with a laggy website. Your website must load quickly for users. Although your website does not need to load faster than your competitions to outrank them, it needs to be fast enough to please visitors and prevent frustration.

Compliance: If you want your website to rank well, it must comply with the guidelines published by Google. These guidelines let people know how it awards high-quality and original content. It also explains how web pages with manipulative content are punished and de-ranked. Google has strict guidelines and works hard to prevent web pages from ranking highly while using manipulative tactics, like buying links.

Authority: Law firms can assert authority by showing users how knowledgeable they are about a given topic. Google will use the content on your website and compare it to the content on other law firm websites to determine the quality of what you have. Google compares your content to competing websites based on:

  • How useful your content is to readers
  • How easy it is to utilize the content on your website – based on your UX and structure
  • The total number of adequate inbound links

It is important to know that inbound links can both help and hurt SEO. In some instances, links can help show how useful content is. However, sometimes people use links to cheat Google (manipulative practices).

In general, law firm websites can rank highly without the use of any inbound links. This is because law firm websites have earned links. Additionally, law firms that engage in manipulative practices, like link purchasing, are discredited.

Implementing a quality SEO strategy can help launch your website to the forefront of the internet. Contact Actionable Agency, LLC to get started on increasing your visibility.

How an Active Blog Can Help Your Law Firm

One of the most beneficial tools for law firms is the blog. These information-rich pages provide up-to-date content to users consistently. Whether you want to incorporate topical blogs, relevant news stories, information articles, or a mixture of various content types, it can play a critical role in driving users to your website and increasing repeat visits. Highly informative information is often shared with others, providing you with even more visibility to your firm’s page.

Although you may be tempted to load your website with endless content to draw users in, you must focus on posts that are targeted. For example, users who have been arrested for driving under the influence may search DUI lawyers. Browsing your website provides them with the chance to find out more information about defending these charges, potential consequences, and the importance of hiring a DUI attorney. The breadth of your knowledge will let potential clients know that you can provide them with reputable, responsive, and effective legal services.

Before launching an active blog, you must make a few decisions to help maximize the effectiveness and the impact you make. These include:

  • Determining who your audience is. What type of users do you want to attract to your website?
  • What message are you trying to send? What brand are you trying to convey? Think about the message you are trying to send and how you intend to send it.
  • What type of visuals are you going to include in your content? Take into consideration that incorporating written content, visual, and audio-visual elements can help to attract a variety of users.
  • Who will be contributing to your blog? Are you planning to write your content? Are you considering hiring an internet marketing firm to create and manage your content?
  • How often are you going to publish new posts? Posting regularly can increase the rate of repeat visitors, potential references, and improve visibility.

Actionable Agency, LLC offers blogging services for law firms of all sizes. Whether you want a daily post, a weekly blog, topical pages, or news stories, we can create packages that fit your specific needs and desires. Our team incorporates internal links that help make it easier for spiders to crawl through your website and boost rankings. Furthermore, linking news stories and topical blogs to service pages covering what types of legal work you provide helps influence visitors to seek your firm for their legal needs.

SEO That Your Law Firm Should Consider

Quite often, people pull out their phones or computers and begin searching for lawyers near them. The “near me” search or the goal of location lawyers in a person’s city is often one of the leading ways your firm will be discovered. Unfortunately, if you do not appear on the first page of the search engine results pages (SERP) your law firm has very slim chances of being found. For this reason, our team at Actionable Agency, LLC is dedicated to helping our clients like you implement SEO measures that improve organic rankings among search engines to help ensure more potential clients will land on your page. The higher your page ranks on Google and other search engines, the more likely you are to be discovered. With a higher ranking and more traffic to your site, the more chances you have to convert potential customers into clients. Working with our team on implementing SEO on your website means a variety of things, including:

  • Determining the scope of your online footprint
  • Taking various actions to expand exposure and help your law firm stand out among your competitors
  • Helping you reap the benefits of increased visibility, more leads, more clients, and ultimately growth and expansion of your law firm

Given the fact that SEO is a long-term strategy to help market your law firm, you will further benefit from one of the long-term dynamic marketing strategies that we have to offer you. Our goal is to learn what you want to do with your law firm – whether it be to increase visibility, increase clients, or expand to neighboring cities – and help you achieve it through effective SEO marketing. Our team can help you with an SEO campaign and provide you with multitudes of information, assistance, and content.

Various factors are critical when it comes to implementing a strategic and effective SEO marketing campaign. You will want to focus on incorporating relevant keywords into the content on your website to ensure it properly communicates the intent of your law firm’s page to the search engine. Some reliable components of SEO include:

Website Optimization: Your website must be made up of headers, content, relevant images, proper meta attributions, URLs, and title tags, all of which tell Google the manner that your website should be indexed. The attributions that you place on your website are all utilized by Google to file your site in the appropriate location to ensure users will be able to find it without too much work. If your law firm site is not properly sorted in the stacks, users will never be able to locate it.

Navigability: Users must be able to make their way around your website with ease. Surely there has been a time where you visited a website and had no idea how to navigate the information it contained. The last thing you want is for users to have this problem when visiting your website. Having a properly sorted and organized website that is easy to navigate from page to page will make an exceptional first impression for guests. Think of your website as a handshake or trustworthy eye contact. Since you do not have the chance to make an in-person impression on visitors, your website must be able to make a good one for you. The more trustworthy and organized your website is, the more likely people will view your services as reliable and trustworthy.

Content: The ultimate goal of your website is to showcase your knowledge and skill. Furthermore, you want to use this platform to stay up to date and provide relevant information for users. Providing updated informative content regularly can help draw users to your website. Having a simple list of keywords will not fool search engines these days. Instead, your site must be packed with authentic content that includes keywords. Adding blogs, news pages, and information sites can help boost your rankings and draw clients in.

Backlinks: For search engines, like Google, to process the information on your website, it performs an instant task called “crawling.” This allows search engines to move from one page to the next through a series of links contained within your content. When other websites link to your law firm, it sends the search engine to your information, thus boosting your rankings on SERPs. Links are not only valuable for connecting your website to others, but they are extremely beneficial for linking your content to other areas on your site. Proving that you not only have effective keywords, but adequate navigation measures implemented on your website helps search engines and users more easily share the information on your pages to social media and other platforms. Incorporating the most relevant keywords will increase the likelihood that your page will rank higher than your competition and help draw in users.

Working with a reputable SEO marketing team can make a world of difference when it comes to effectively implementing law for SEO on your web page. Contact Actionable Agency, LLC today to discuss ways we can help launch your law firm site to the forefront of the internet, help boost your rankings, and help your law firm thrive.

SEO Helps Provide Your Law Firm Website with Greater Visibility

SEO is one of the most effective tools available to increase the visibility of your law firm’s website. However, the implementation of an effective SEO strategy involves far more than just including keywords on your site. One of the most effective ways to determine an appropriate strategy for your site is by performing an internet marketing analysis of your firm.

Analyzing your site will not only highlight the strengths within your webpage, but it can also help discover the weaknesses that need to be addressed. Working with the reputable law firm marketing team at Actionable Agency, LLC can help you review the navigability of your site and uncover:

Dead Ends/400 Errors: Dead ends on websites can be detrimental to their overall rankings and performance. When people are not able to navigate your website without complications, they are likely to search elsewhere for information. It is crucial that all links on your page function as intended.

Content Organization: Websites that implement a strong website structure are far easier to navigate. Not only does having organized content make it easier for users to browse your website and go from page to page, but it makes it easier for search engines to crawl through your site. Having a well-organized website also increases the time users spend on your site as it provides them with a rational and easy-to-follow roadmap.

Backlinks: Analyzing backlinks will help you determine how many other websites are pointing to yours. Having high-quality websites link to your content can help boost your ratings, expand visibility, and drive potential clients to your website. Backlinks are also a major indication of how well your website performs.

Internal Links: The way various pages within your website connect plays an imperative role when it comes to allowing people to travel from site to site to browse information. Furthermore, internal links improve the ability of spiders to crawl through the content on your page and locate additional locations within your platform. When links function properly, it improves your rankings with search engine page results.

Word Count: Although we would like to believe that more words mean more visibility and higher rankings, this is not always the case. Google and other large search engines consider various factors when analyzing your website. The more comprehensive the content is that you offer readers, the higher rankings your website will achieve. Rankings take into consideration whether you have backlinks that perform properly, the number of links you have and whether any broken links exist. Linking to high-authority websites will help assert authoritative rankings on your site and help to gain visibility.

Working with a knowledgeable marketing team can help to ensure your website earns top-ranking positions among Google searches. Contact our team at Actionable Agency, LLC today to get started on developing a strategy to help your law firm.

Including On-Site SEO to Optimize Your Law Firm Website

The ultimate goal when it comes to creating a website is driving in visitors and converting them to actual clients. Optimizing the elements of your website by using a strategic SEO plan ensures you rank highly on Google and increase relevant traffic to your website. On-site SEO is one of the easiest ways to improve your website’s quality and rankings. Creating custom content, improving the navigability of your site, and incorporating specific keywords naturally into your site are some of the most effective measures you can take to optimize your site. An effective plan includes expertise in various areas, including:

  • Keyword Selection: Incorporating a list of relevant keywords can help bring users to your website and boost your website rank, above that of your competition. An in-depth analysis can determine some of the most popular keywords relevant to your firm drive users to your content.
  • Website Structure Optimization: Ensuring your website is easy to navigate and packed with relevant and high-quality content will keep users on your site and help them find the information they are looking for.
  • Content Formatting: Not only is incorporating top-quality content on your website important but organizing the content in a manner that is easier to read is crucial. Using headers of various sizes can help you break up the content into different sections and make it easier to navigate and read.
  • Title Tags: Tags play an important role when it comes to explaining the content within your website. They also help users direct themselves to the content. It is important to craft title tags that have keywords that accurately describe the information on the target page.
  • Craft Meta-Descriptions: Google SERPs show a tidbit of information about each page. This information is created by the implementation of a meta-description. These short descriptions are under 160 characters and must include concise information to let users know what is on the page.
  • Custom Content: The content on your website must offer something useful to your audience. Whether you are answering questions or providing solutions to problems, it is important that the content is easy to read and has engaging visuals. Furthermore, you will want customized content in the long-form word county range.
  • Google Analytics: This tool is extremely helpful when it comes to analyzing various aspects of your law firm’s website. Analytics allows users to track traffic, determine click-through rates, see what keywords rank highly among users on their sites, and more. When it comes to tracking and improving your website through an effective SEO strategy, Google Analytics provides imperative data that will help your website thrive.
  • Call to Action: Your website must have various buttons, text links, and other calls to action. Once you draw users in, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to establish and continue a relationship with your firm. Having a call to action on each page and in multiple locations helps users reach out to you directly and retain your firm for their legal needs.

At Actionable Agency, LLC, we take a knowledgeable and strategic approach when it comes to helping our clients. We perform an analysis of each client’s page, determine the strengths and weaknesses, and develop a law firm SEO strategy to help boost their rankings and increase clients. Contact our team at your earliest convenience to see how we can help you.

Working With Actionable Agency

Working with a law firm marketing company, like Actionable Agency, can help to ensure your website is marketed in the best way possible. Our team is dedicated to helping your law firm achieve top ratings and gain visibility by incorporating interesting and effective SEO-rich blogs, creating compelling and relevant content. Our skilled and knowledgeable team is dedicated to implementing effective SEO strategies to help your firm thrive. We individualize our services to best reflect your unique needs and the goals you have with your firm. Our marketing specialists strive to help our clients reach their business goals, secure clients, and expand their presence online. If you are interested in utilizing law firm SEO to boost your rankings on Google and other large search engines, and growing your firm’s online presence, contact our team today. Call Actionable Agency, LLC at (855) 206-9689 to discuss how we can help you.


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