The Value Of Shareable And Useful Content

The Value Of Shareable And Useful Content

Posted on: 17 February, 2020

Technology advancements and social media have added many new channels to the marketing world. Nine out of ten organizations are currently marketing with content and going beyond the traditional sales pitches. Because there are so many marketing channels, can be overwhelming to determine which channels fit your content the best. The Marketing Institute reported 70% of people like to learn about companies via online articles.

It is important to keep in mind that companies don’t have to play in every channel. It can cause a lot of stress for marketers trying to create useful content for many different marketing channels. It is better to become great in the channels that you exist in and expand off of them. If you can understand how your channels can support each other and feed off one another, you will amplify the impact of your marketing content. Focus on creating content that is relevant, useful and shareable.

Useful Content

When you are creating marketing content, you want the content to be useful enough for potential customers to bookmark the post or link it to their accounts. You want to be able to grab their attention right away and make the content relatable. This will keep them intrigued and bring traffic back to your website. Once they go to your website, make sure your content addresses their problems. The more they can relate to the content, the more interested and invested they will be. When customers can feel that connection with a product or service, they are more likely to become reoccurring customers and recommend you to their friends. 

Make It Sharable

If you create content that is shareable, you will increase the number of people who see your content. If individuals feel a connection to your content, they will repost it or link it to their accounts for all of their friends to see. These individuals are essentially promoting your product for you because their follower base will see your content. This will multiply the traffic back to your website and increase your audience base. You will find that if you create solid content that is sharable through customers and different marketing channels, you won’t have to produce a ton of content. As long as your content is continually reposted, it reaches a new audience base. Creating sharable content will evolve your social media presence and expand the reach of potential customers outside of the immediate network you have created. 

Hiring A Marketing Agency 

It can be overwhelming to create content that is useful, relatable, and shareable for a large target market. Everyone has different wants and needs so it is difficult to create content to help with all of those needs. Actionable Agency can help you with your marketing needs and give you advice on what kind of content to produce. We work diligently with our clients to formulate a marketing plan that they can follow to reach their yearly goals. Contact Actionable Agency today to determine how we can help you with your content marketing strategies. Call us at (855) 206-9689. 

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