Citation Building

Posted on: 2 April, 2018

Citations are an important part of local SEO or helping your firm rank well for online searches in the areas you serve. Citations are mentions of your firm’s name and address on other sites, even if there is no link to your website. Citations can be found on local chamber of commerce pages, directories, and more. Citations are a critical component of the ranking algorithm search engines like Google and Bing use to rank websites. It’s estimated that citations account for up to 25% of local ranking factors.

Of course, not all citations are created equal. Citations on government and newspaper websites can be more valuable than citations found on business listing sites like Listings for your firm that are claimed by your business are also more valuable than listings that are left unclaimed and unverified.

The team at Actionable Agency provides dedicated citation building and removal services to ensure your listings are accurate, claimed, and updated with correct information about your firm. We do the work manually without submission tools to eliminate errors and help your firm rank higher on local search results.

Our Citation Building Services

Our comprehensive citation building service includes:

* Creating citations for your business on popular directories
* Uploading your logo and photos
* Submitting business details
* Claiming and editing incorrect listings
* Deleting duplicate listings
* Optimizing your listings for improved local SEO
* Detailed reports

Claiming and building citations isn’t just important for local SEO efforts; it also makes it easier for clients to review your law firm and help you build your online reputation. We focus on high authority, quality listings to give your firm’s search rankings the boost you need. This includes national citations, local citations, and industry-specific citations. We will provide a full report once your citations are complete. Directories that auto-accept citations will have a live URL included for verification. Some listings require time for approval, in which case we provide login information for verification.

If your firm has not put effort into local SEO or you have changed your firm’s name, address, phone number, or website, a citation audit is a good place to start to make sure your citation profile is accurate and consistent. Contact Actionable Agency today to get started with a comprehensive citation building program that will help your firm’s website rank better for local searches and capture more leads.

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