How Reading Fiction Helps Improve Your Content Writing

How Reading Fiction Helps Improve Your Content Writing

Posted on: 20 July, 2020

As a writer in a content marketing team, naturally, you want to improve your skills wherever you can. Reading other articles, magazines, and websites can give you a sample of how to write for your team. Typically, content marketing revolves around providing the facts and writing almost purely non-fictional pieces. You may be surprised to learn, however, that expanding your library in just about any form will help your writing. Yes, that includes reading well-established fiction from Harry Potter to A Tale of Two Cities.

Though you may not find yourself writing about wizarding worlds or English dramas, you will find yourself writing—a lot. And reading a great deal teaches you many aspects of writing works that are enjoyable to read. From structure to diction and to understanding, reading provides many lessons you may not even realize that can improve your work.

Writing Clearly and Concisely

Good writing keeps a reader attentive, alert, and active, communicating ideas clearly while also promoting critical thinking. Poetry can be one of the best examples of fiction to follow when it comes to communicating information tersely but transparently. Yet despite this, you might notice that many examples in content writing fail to do this. Oftentimes, they can be overly long, redundant, and lacking a sense of liveliness.

Content writing comes down not just to regurgitating information but conveying concepts in a unique yet interesting way. Writing such as poetry and songwriting presents language in an illustrative and condensed manner. By reading and studying these pieces, you may find yourself picking up writing tricks from other writers.

Learning Interesting and Compelling Story Structure

Whether intentional or not, writers are influenced by their environment, culture, daily events, and other topics. This gives these works recurring themes that often resonate with readers and encourage emotional responses from them. Fiction writing triggers these cognitive responses with their well-crafted structure and storytelling.

Fictional writing builds on the development of escalating tension, investing readers into a story, and encouraging them to continue reading. As you read fiction—both classics and new publications—you begin picking up on how their construction captures readers’ curiosity. Creating tension and anxiety keeps people hooked to a story, luring them in to find answers until the end.

Even outside of content marketing—whether you write a blog, a news story, or video scripts—reading fiction will teach you skills as a writer. Using tension as a type of “carrot” for readers, this encourages them to read through the end. By the end, you should provide a satisfying answer for them to leave your work feeling fulfilled.

Finding a Sense of Empathy

Many novice content writers misunderstand how a strong sense of empathy improves content writing. Empathy is a crucial component because it helps writers relate and connect to the readers being promoted to. In modern society, many people hold cynical views that businesses and their employees do not care about individuals. Due to this cynicism, breaking through to customers and selling them on a product or service can be difficult. But when writers get down to eye level with customers’ problems—their mild inconveniences, family struggles, or even emotional burdens—readers grow more open to listening.

Initially stepping into content writing, many writers will stick to giving the facts and provide little flavor to their articles. As you read works of fiction however, you may begin to find your sense of understanding and empathy broadens. For many stories, understanding the impact of plot elements requires us to put ourselves in the shoes of the characters. By reading works of fiction, you can build your own sense of empathy to communicate it with readers at work.

Despite that content marketing writers work primarily with nonfiction, reading and understanding fiction can be critical to your success. Whether reading fiction of popular or classic fiction, having a library of variety will provide content writing benefits in the long-term. If you find your business struggling with its current team and strategies, you can find help. Through services such as law firm marketing, social media management, and blog distribution networks, Actionable Agency can help. By offering many marketing solutions and web development for law firms across the country, we extend their reach and develop their business. At Actionable Agency, we can provide an analysis of your current strategy and website of your firm to help formulate new solutions. For more information, call us toll-free at (855) 206-9689.

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