The Importance of Creating Useful and Shareable Legal Marketing Content

The Importance of Creating Useful and Shareable Legal Marketing Content

Posted on: 26 July, 2021

There are many ways to expand your law firm’s reach and connect with the right people that you can help who are looking for your services. Choosing which are the best to maximize your marketing strategy takes a bit of time, but once you have a plan and an approach you can make your content be an active contributor to growing your firm.  The combination of channels you use will be dependent on your specific marketing strategy. You have the option of interlinking SEO, PR, social media, and your content.

Using relevant, useful, and shareable information that gets to the desired audience is something that nine out of ten businesses are doing. Not only can relatable legal content be helpful for a specific person looking for it, but when a person believes that it is good for others and shares it, this increases visibility to a wider market with one hit. When your law firm has ideas that people want to read and distribute your firm becomes valuable to potential customers and your brand is more defined.

The Benefit of Discoverable and  Shareable Content

The type of marketing content you use and how it is written can drive your SEO. When you have strong SEO, your content will get picked up more often when your potential clients do an online search. You want your content to have information of value that your target audience can actually benefit from. Your content should be written with competitive search terms and keywords. And learning about your users can help you develop the right materials that you know they need and are looking for. When everything is married together, it can create a powerful attention grab and help your law firm stand out.

Once you have working content that is reaching the right people, ultimately you want it to be shared. When you have active content that is circulating organically, the impact it will have will be amplified. More people will be drawn to your law firm’s website and eventually calling you for your services. Some of the most effective types of content that gets readily shared includes:

  • How to’s showing people how to accomplish a particular task.
  • Explaining why a certain action or tool is useful.
  • Lists
  • Images that are eye-catching and make an impact.
  • Content with meaningful and motivating calls to action.
  • Content that can be read on mobile devices.
  • Headlines that get attention.

Shareable content is going to help you get your law firm in front of people that are not within your network but are beyond your contact lists. The more those people on the outside share the faster your reach grows.

Work with a Law Firm Marketing Agency

Creating highly effective and dynamic content is something that Actionable Agency does well. Actionable Agency is a law firm marketing company that understands how to help law firms grow their business with a wide range of website and marketing services. If your law firm needs to tweak your marketing plan or if you need a complete redo, contact Actionable Agency today at (855)206-9689. 

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