The Importance of Keyword Research to Support an SEO Strategy

The Importance of Keyword Research to Support an SEO Strategy

Posted on: 3 January, 2022

If you have a law firm, figuring out an effective and productive marketing strategy to increase business is likely one of your most important objectives in running your firm. In today’s technological society, it is important to have a website and a robust online presence. People use the internet for everything from finding services and products, to information, communication, and entertainment. When looking for legal services, it is reported that online searches are the leading way that a person will find and connect with a law firm.

Simply developing a website is a start, but it is not the only action your law firm has to take. Developing a website alone without incorporating a comprehensive search engine optimization plan to support your site and boost its reach online is not going to help you with your business. Your site is less likely to get the traffic necessary to draw in new leads. 

SEO is an ever-changing and very complicated part of marketing which is why many law firms prefer to have their website developed by and marketing plan established with a proficient law firm marketing company. Actionable Agency is a lawyer marketing company that understands SEO and each of its components like the importance of keyword research.

The Importance of Keyword Research for Your SEO Strategy

There are several components to an SEO strategy. Keyword research, metatags, linking, social media, the actual design of a website, on and off-page optimization, and more are all examples. All of these elements play their part and are important in their own way, based on how they perform. For the purposes of this article, understanding how powerful the appropriate use of keywords is can provide more clarity when it comes to devising a law firm marketing plan that works.

Part of what you are going to want to do is create compelling and useful content that your audience wants to read and can use. So not only does the content that you create for your law firm need to be practical and have information of value, but your wording also should be tactical. If you can figure out the right keywords for people that look for your legal services in your location and you can implement them in your content correctly, your website can see a boost in online traffic.

Perhaps you use keywords with little competition for your market. The good news is that by doing so, you can increase your ranking when these terms are searched for, but the volume of searches they produce may be minimal. So, even though these keywords rank well, they do not produce the influx to your website that you want and need them to do.

By contrast, if you can figure out longtail phrases that incorporate highly ranked keywords you may be able to achieve your desired objective of having more potential clients come to your site. This is, of course, the ultimate goal.

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When keyword search tools show that there is not enough traffic generation from certain keyword phrases that work for your firm, that does not always mean you should stay away from using them. To learn more about how to enhance your law firm’s SEO, contact the law firm SEO specialists at Actionable Agency.  We can be reached at (818)-949-2618. 

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