5 Must Have SEO Tactics Law Firms Need for a Successful Online Presence

5 Must Have SEO Tactics Law Firms Need for a Successful Online Presence

Posted on: 29 November, 2021

Having a firm grasp on search engine optimization techniques is necessary so that when someone is looking for your legal services, it is your firm that comes up first in their search results. But that is not all SEO does to boost a business’s presence. It also has to attract clients to come to a site and stay awhile. 

There are specific factors that your SEO must address and incorporate to have the most productive marketing strategy. SEO factors are incredibly important and critical to providing the traffic that comes to your site with useful and relevant information. 

What are The Top 5 SEO Factors that Matter to a Law Firm’s Business?

Out of all the SEO approaches that can be utilized, when it comes to defining a foundation that works, the following onsite SEO factors should be utilized.

  1. Content is more than just stringing targeted words together to get the search engines to pick up a page. If your content is not useful or if it doesn’t make sense for your audience, your firm will not be taken seriously. Optimized long-form content should take appropriate questions that people are searching for in the most popular search engines and provide detailed answers. This can not only be useful to visitors but also get the attention of search engines.
  2. Your information should be helpful for visitors as well as provoke them to engage with you. Whether that be by sending an email, clicking another page on your site, providing their contact information, or calling you, it is essential to push an effective call to action. The more time visitors spend on your site and the more they navigate it the better. When visitors take the time to look through your site, you will hold their attention much longer. Also, user engagement can attract search engines.
  3. Your site should be set up to function technically meaning it should have the capability to be crawled, must be secure, and incorporate good links that work.
  4. Because people are on their phones most of the time and especially when they need to look something up quickly, it is critical that your site is mobile friendly. So, when your site comes up on a potential client’s phone, it should be clear, load fast, be inviting, and be highly responsive.
  5. Using integrated links within your content offers supplemental reading for users as well as delivers the message that your information is authoritative and trustworthy. Also, it should be clear to those that are reading your content as well as the search engines reviewing your site what exact ideas and topics each of your pages addresses.

Speak to a Law Firm Marketing Agency Today

Keeping up with the latest SEO practices can be time-consuming and complicated. If you have questions about how to improve your law firm’s SEO strategy or if you need help developing a comprehensive marketing solution for your law firm that has strong SEO techniques, connect with Actionable Agency. Actionable Agency is an SEO marketing agency that specializes in building capable websites and supporting marketing plans that bolster law firms’ visibility and reach. Call the law firm marketing company Actionable Agency today at 1 (818)-949-2618. 


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