Content Marketing Strategies for Online Law Firm Reputation Management

Content Marketing Strategies for Online Law Firm Reputation Management

Posted on: 6 December, 2021

Bad word of mouth is not something that any business or law firm wants. If enough people hear negative remarks about a business, then they are less likely to use their services. This can be devastating to the business’s viability. Poor reputation does not pair well with a successful endeavor.

It is not just what is actually said about a business that can be devastating to its standing, but also what is posted online. These days, most people search for legal services by doing an online search. Compounding this is that these same people will base their willingness to call a firm based on the firm’s ability to show up first in their search results and by reading online reviews. Bad reviews can be read online and have a lasting negative impact on a firm.

The Benefits of Online Reputation Management Services

For attorneys, being seen as an industry leader who is an expert in the field of law that is practiced, a person who is trusted and approachable is necessary to build a successful practice. Ensuring that a law firm’s online reputation is incredibly important. A bad reputation as an attorney means the public will not put their trust in you when it comes to having legal needs addressed.

Actionable Agency offers law firms online reputation management services that preserve the integrity of a law firm so that it can continue to function and do business at a high level. By substantiating your firm’s brand and minimizing any negative results that can come up in a search about your firm, you can reduce the number of people that may encounter such negative information.

Successful reputation management can be accomplished by incorporating some or all of the following tactics:

  • Keep your content informative and relevant for your audience with thoughtful and useful legal blogs.
  • It is recommended to ask that clients write a testimony. Specifically, clients that have had a positive experience and are willing to talk about that will act as a glowing endorsement of your work. The more positive reviews you have the more depth you have to show for how helpful your services can be to others that are looking for them.
  • Make your social media activity engaging and current so that these platforms will come up more often than any negative search results. Your social media can emphasize your firm’s experience and your successful track record.
  • Press releases can spread favorable news about your law firm’s work both in the courtroom and the community further doubling down on the positive aspects of your business. The more you can show how your firm cares, is responsible, and is effective, the better your firm will look to the public.

Speak to a Law Firm Reputation Management Company Today

Actionable Agency can help your firm develop a strategic and productive marketing strategy that not only expands your firm’s reach but also promotes it in the most positive light. If you need help with reputation management or other law firm marketing services, call Actionable Agency at (818)-949-2618. 

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