Convincing Your Audience to Leave Online Reviews

Convincing Your Audience to Leave Online Reviews

Posted on: 1 February, 2021

In the world of the internet and social media, the importance of reception and feedback has grown significantly. Today, many people rely on recommendations from friends, family, or even total strangers on financial decisions. Is a new product worth the investment? Does X company’s customer services leave patrons feeling satisfied? Nowadays, people rely on this information now more than ever before.

Encouraging your audience and customers to leave reviews helps grow and expand your business. But how can you further encourage them beyond a simple statement at the end of an article or blog page? Numerous methods and factions can inspire customers to leave feedback beyond the product alone. By utilizing the right strategies to encourage feedback, your brand can develop into a vital source and booming business.

Ask For It!

Rarely does the average person feel motivated to write a review. Typically, they will do so because they either loved or hated a product or service that much. This can make for polarizing reviews, but you can avoid this. All you need to do is ask!

A request at the end of an article is common, but you may also consider easier options. Some websites may utilize pop-ups asking for a quick rating for the silent minorities. Your brand may even consider sending out marketing emails to customers asking for their reception. Sometimes, simply asking will be all it takes.

Utilize Social Media

Whether we like it or not, social media has become part of people’s daily lives. We look at a celebrity’s latest tweets, our friend’s Facebook posts, or our friends’ newest pictures on Instagram. Social media works not only for engaging with friends and families but businesses and brand companies.

This can work with not only sharing your writing, webpages, and articles but also engaging the audience. Consider asking questions such as how they like a certain product, or about their experiences with services. Not only will this encourage interaction with the audience, but it provides you feedback. An active social media community may even encourage customers to leave reviews.

Beyond encouraging interaction, social media can also be a platform to ask for reviews. If you consider social media as a venue or stage, it provides many possibilities for receiving feedback.

Create and Provide Incentives

Just like a child might require an incentive to finish their chores, so may customers for writing reviews. If customers know something might be in it for them, they feel even more inclined to provide reviews for your brand. As one incentive, you might offer to post and publish their reviews—positive or negative.

Doing so not only provides confidence that their opinion will not be silenced but even put in the spotlight. People like knowing they left an impact and can even brag to their friends about it. Utilizing reviews to create a testimonials page may also provide further brand trust among new customers.

You should also consider providing rewards for posting reviews, such as discounts or even rewards. The excitement and thrill of winning a prize can be a great motivator for many to leave reviews. By knowing how to reach out, contact, and coerce your audience, you can provide great writing for your brand while also selling it.

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