Using the Most Persuasive Words in Your Arsenal

Using the Most Persuasive Words in Your Arsenal

Posted on: 8 February, 2021

Words. They are the most vital tool of any writer, creative or technical. A writer utilizes words just as an artist uses a pencil or paintbrush. Without the right crafts, you cannot produce the art. The concept of words alone will not make for good writing, however. Ultimately, it depends on what words you use and how you use them.

Different words maintain different senses of power depending on the genre. As a content marketing writer, you want quick, understandable, everyday words that speak to a general audience about specialized topics. Meanwhile, as a story or poet-writer, you want illustrative, descriptive, unique words to leave an impression on the reader. Therefore, no word is truly useless. What matters is when and how you use them.

In content writing, you must understand the neuroscience of words and how they draw in and convince your audience. With the right study and effective communication to your audience, you can understand what words will persuade your audience best.

It’s All About You

Hey you! Did that get your attention? Of course it did. The words “you” and your own name are among the most powerful words in a language, from your perspective. It means you are being directly addressed and have become directly involved in a situation. In fact, specific parts of your brain light up and activate upon hearing your name.

Therefore, the word “you” can be an incredibly special tool when trying to relate the audience to a situation. Perhaps you want to help them envision using a product or asking for your brand’s services. However, the usage of “you” or even a customer’s name must be carefully selected.

Regularly using a customer’s name in promotional emails, for example, might be getting too comfortable with the client. Using “you” however might be a word you regularly adopt as a content marketing writer. Nonetheless, you should still avoid overusing it to avoid losing the word’s impact.

Free Help, Just Because

Everyone loves free stuff. We just cannot deny it or pass it up. We get free samples at the store, free food at parties, or free offers through coupons. When something is handed to us, we rarely turn it down. Naturally, you should advertise free offers in your writing whenever possible. Perhaps your brand offers a free trial of their services or is offering a buy one, get one free deal. Maybe even receiving a free consultation for help might catch their attention.

Beyond being given free stuff, customers also want help. After all, they came to you and your brand for your expertise. Even simply stating “we can help” at the end of your articles can be enough to raise eyebrows. Offer and point to help, and you will find your numbers soaring higher than before.

Most importantly, however, you should go beyond helping others for free. You must emphasize why. Explaining with the use of words like “because” helps explain yourself better. When customers know you have meaning and even core values behind your work, they feel more inclined to support you. Providing reason both for what you do and why do answers questions, makes your business appealing, and displays your brand’s own authority.

The New and Now

Much like our brain reacts to hearing our name or about free offers, new concepts also grab our attention. Knowing a product or service is new piques our curiosity to try it. After all, if something is new, it must be improved from the old. We grow interested purely out of a novelty aspect and the excitement of the unknown. As the content writer, you must secure this trust and build excitement for new offers without disappointing readers.

In addition, the use of “now” is another way to engage and excite the audience. As adults, we learn that patience is a virtue, but never underappreciate readily available conveniences. Getting help now triggers quicker action and business with new clients. Nevertheless, overusing offers in the now can have negative results by establishing constant expectations of instant gratification. However, with the right use of these persuasive words in your toolbox, you can convince any customer that your brand is worth their time and money.

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