Creating Content Beyond the Rules

Creating Content Beyond the Rules

Posted on: 29 June, 2020

Accepting and taking on a new job, one might ask: what are the proper guidelines? What rules should we be following? How do we do something correctly? We focus so much on following the rules that we may forget what we can do to innovate. And as history shows, the leaders who innovate and subvert the rules typically find the most success. This does not mean we should break any and all rules imaginable, but rather, discover what we can do differently.

This mindset applies well to content marketing—you want to provide great content, but you should also stand out. By standing out from the usual content marketers, customers may be inclined to choose your team instead. Providing something different and unique will ultimately be what sells others on your content and services.

What can content marketers do to stretch and break the status quo yet still find a great flow of business? There are many ideas and guidelines to consider, but most importantly: strive to be a rule breaker.

Break the Rules, But Don’t Live Without Them

As many new trends seem to point, people love companies who defy the usual rules. They want to see new companies try new content, new strategies, and provide new products they have not seen before. However, it can be crucial to remember that breaking rules does not mean having no rules at all. Though you and your marketing team should not fear breaking rules, you should follow certain guidelines along the way.

Without guidelines, marketing teams can become chaotic messes overwhelmed with work and no strategy in mind. Without limitations, your team may simply continue pushing out work, assets, written content, or products with no quality standard. As a team, you should strive to go beyond the norm, but must be able to say “no” or “stop.” This not only avoids overworking your dedicated team of content writers but helps them provide a business of greater value.

Knowing and Utilizing Content Strategy

For any dedicated marketing team, content marketing allows for the development of many ideas, written articles, and creativity of graphs and lists. This makes content writing an objective yet fun practice, but creating content is but the basics of the process. Like with any project, you must create a roadmap or strategy properly laid out to continue successfully.

Content marketing is no different, and you must understand the importance of mapping a business strategy. You must develop an optimal team structure—assigning members of your team to the right departments they will work best. With a properly assigned team, they can write and create content for the best engagement of the audience. Engagement can be encouraged through a variety of content such as graphs, images, podcasts, videos, and commentary. Finally, a marketing team—while willing to break the mold—must have governance to maintain said strategies.

A business must focus not only on the integration of content and how it promotes business but also its functionality. At the end of the day, the goal may be promoting business and earning income, but function relies on audience interaction. Audience interaction will not only help sell consumers on your content and services but also attract additional business. With a balance of both, your content marketing can succeed through a relationship with consumers and building upon proper structure.

Learn the Science but Produce the Art of Content Marketing

The idea of breaking the rules of content creating while still producing content often confuses content writers, especially newer staff. When learning how to write content for marketing websites to promote services and business, everything is new. Writers have begun learning the “science” of content writing and how it works. But content marketing is not purely an objective skillset, and learning the rules is but one aspect. To master the “art” of content marketing, writers must be willing to bend and break its rules for new endeavors.

This will not work for every member of the marketing team—and some members must accept they may not fit as writers. This realization not only helps organize team members of marketing into proper roles but will fit people where they belong. Those who are built for it however will push to innovate the craft of content marketing. In doing so, your team can push out the best quality as efficiently as possible.

Rules and guidelines may make content writing accessible to anyone, but not just anyone can create excellent content marketing. To excel as a content writer in your team, you must be willing to break the rules to innovate. If you find your business struggling with its current team, many places provide outside amenities to help improve. Through services such as law firm marketing, social media management, and blog distribution networks, Actionable Agency can help. By offering many marketing solutions and web development for law firms across the country, we extend their reach and develop their business. At Actionable Agency, we can provide an analysis of your current strategy and website of your firm to help formulate new solutions. For more information, call us toll-free at (855) 206-9689.

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