Does Content Marketing Work for Lawyers?

Does Content Marketing Work for Lawyers?

Posted on: 6 February, 2023

Most potential clients will do research online before ever reaching out to a legal team to represent them in a lawsuit. With so many websites available online, it only takes a simple google search for someone to find hundreds of attorneys anywhere in the country. You need to make a strong first impression, and Actionable Agency is here to help set you apart from the myriad of websites already at a potential client’s fingertips.

The 5 Reasons Your Law Firm Can Benefit from a Legal Content Writer

We here at Actionable Agency take our jobs very seriously. Our team of writers works hard to provide quality legal content that deviates from the generic web pages and blog posts you might be used to seeing. Here are 5 reasons your law firm can benefit from a legal content writer:

  1. You can focus more on your law practice. Law firms that don’t use a content writer for their websites or blogs often end up using their own lawyers to create content. This might save you money short term, but if your firm is spending time on content, they aren’t spending that time on clients.
  2. You can relate better to your clientele. While there is no doubt attorneys are intelligent people, they may not be able to write content suitable for the masses. Attorneys are used to writing in an incredibly formal setting, and this might not translate well to those simply searching for answers online. Legal content writers research and translate this formal language into something more accessible to the average reader.
  3. Legal content writers establish credibility and trust with your potential clients and referral sources. One aspect of legal content writing is building credibility and trust within your community. This takes time, and traditional marketing methods might leave you feeling constrained. Professional legal content writers know how to develop these relationships without you having to take time from your day to attend meet and greets, speaking engagements, or conferences to build your network.
  4. You won’t have to train someone to write for you. Legal content writers already have the requisite knowledge to write and research your topic of interest. We know what we are doing, and we do it well.
  5. Your legal content writer will be able to combine industry knowledge with online marketing trends. If you’re relying on other attorneys to prepare your content, you may end up with a finished product that doesn’t fit in with the average reader’s knowledge or the current marketing trends. We study both and know how to utilize them to help your law firm grow.

Pick the right legal marketing agency- Call Actionable Agency

At Actionable Agency, we take great care to make sure our writers create quality content for our clients. We’re committed to seeing your business succeed. We know you already have so much on your plate. Let us help. Contact Actionable Agency today to see what marketing services we have to offer you. Call for pricing and more information at 1-855-206-9689.

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