How to Repurpose Old Content & Boost Web Traffic

How to Repurpose Old Content & Boost Web Traffic

Posted on: 12 September, 2022

When you’ve observed a drop in site traffic or have run out of content ideas, reusing existing material is an excellent option. In fact, updating previous material is a key component of a great content marketing strategy for law firms.

Any form of historical material, from graphic to traditional text postings, should be evaluated and renewed on a regular basis. Because your website is the initial point of contact for prospective customers, it is critical to establish a good first impression.

However, if you’re still unsure of how to refresh your legal website content or don’t know where to start, a law firm marketing agency may assist. Our team at Actionable Agency has the skills and understanding to bring your site to life. In addition, we assist law firms in developing successful marketing plans capable of generating fresh, high-quality leads.

With a long history of collaborating with law firms around the nation, we understand the intricacies of creating meaningful legal information for your prospective clients.

Updating Outdated Content to Increase Web Traffic

First and foremost, take a look at your best-performing blogs and evergreen material. You’ll be able to source and update the material most relevant to your readers or prospective customers by employing the top articles sending traffic to your site or obtaining more hits.

While you’re drawing fresh ideas from the current material, go back and examine the previous pieces. Refresh all links and anchor text, and add a new paragraph or two to these articles. This is a simple and efficient technique to increase traffic to your top blogs and drive new people to fresh articles derived from current content.

Merging Top-Performing Blogs & Articles

You may also create a post that compiles your best-performing articles and resources. Putting your greatest material into a succinct, easy-to-digest piece allows prospective clients to view all of your best information in one spot.

You’ll have the best opportunity to truly revamp all of the material inside this new post as you produce it. Furthermore, you and your team may add new information at the beginning and conclusion of the post, which is an excellent chance to create new anchor phrases and attach relevant links where appropriate. This is especially true for evergreen content, which should be refreshed quarterly or monthly.

Contact a Law Firm Marketing Agency

Understanding and implementing the best tactics for marketing your law firm’s website might be tricky. However, making the necessary efforts to update your website will certainly assist you in attracting new clients and bolstering your readership.

Needless to say, continuously repurposing your content will enhance your web traffic and expand the reach of any new content you release in the future.

Actionable Agency is a law firm marketing agency that provides attorneys with a wide variety of marketing alternatives for both online and offline advertising. Call Actionable Agency immediately at 1 (818)-949-2618 if you’re ready to refresh your website and get new clients. We’re here to assist you in creating amazing content that actually distinguishes your firm from the competition.

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