How Do People Search and Find Lawyers to Work With?

How Do People Search and Find Lawyers to Work With?

Posted on: 18 October, 2021

Maybe your law firm is doing well in terms of business and bringing in new clientele, or you may be having a hard time keeping the phone ringing. No matter what your law firm’s situation is, keeping your company visible and infront of your target audience will ensure that you will stay viable and improve your bottom line. 

These days, having a dynamic website and active social media presence is a must. If you would like to update your online presence to make it more robust and help it attract more visitors, you have options. With more traffic, eventually, there will be more prospects turning to clients. Actionable Agency is a law firm marketing agency that can provide comprehensive website development and law firm marketing solutions for law firms and budgets both large and small.

What is the Most Common Way that People Find a Lawyer?

It is possible that a person who needs legal counsel will go to friends and family to ask for recommendations. There are still those out there that rely on personal networks to find trusted professionals. But the most common way that a person finds a lawyer is by doing an online search for one.

Performing an online search to find a lawyer is by far the leading method of finding legal counsel over any other approach. This is important for attorneys to know because if their firm’s marketing strategy and online presence are not where they should be and their website is not showing up at the top of a search, there is an incredible amount of business opportunities missed.

National Law Review reports that as high as 96% of people looking for legal counsel will do an online search for it. Then, of the 96% who use a search engine, approximately 74% will actually click on a law firm’s website. If the website is doing its job it will motivate a visitor to act. This may be by sending an email inquiry or calling your firm.

One way to get your law firm’s website to be ranked at the top of an organic search is to maximize your search engine optimization campaign. High-quality SEO will produce more traffic to your site, and that traffic will also be better quality. This means that people who are in need of your specific legal expertise will be taken to your firm and have a greater likelihood of reaching out and working with you.

Popular search engines like Google and Bing, for example, use complicated algorithms when pulling websites for a search. These formulas are not made public, so understanding how to weigh, identify, and utilize various factors that could ping these search engines to pick up your website and rank it higher than your competition is a must. Actionable Agency is an SEO marketing company that understands SEO and can support you by improving your law firm’s website performance through skilled SEO tactics.

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If you need help with SEO or would like to have the effectiveness of your site reviewed, the lawyer marketing firm Actionable Agency can assist you. Call Actionable Agency today at 1 (818)-949-2618.

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