How Writers Can Help and Entertain Their Audience

How Writers Can Help and Entertain Their Audience

Posted on: 24 August, 2020

What would be the first example when you think of writing professions? They might range from creative fields like novel-writing to writing technical rules of law and order. For many writers, however, the last element they wish to work with would be numbers and mathematics. With content writing, these numbers, statistics, and facts play a frequent role in many articles, webpages, and other written works.

Writing about statistics can become tedious and boring for some writers while making pages soulless and uninteresting for readers. Nevertheless, as a content marketer and writer, you can do more to spice up your writing and keep readers invested. By implementing just a few tricks, tips, and strategies, you can exercise your creative muscles and inspire readers with even the most boring of topics.

Counting Up and Down

In order to write a piece with easy readability for your audience, you need to organize articles and webpages. One of the easiest ways to do this would be to separate a piece into segments for different topics. This not only helps the reader navigate an article or page easier but can help the overall composition. But should you be counting up or down? That depends on what exactly you want to write.

If you want to write a list or ultimately explain a process in steps, you will want to count down. Counting down provides the reader with a sense of suspense as they read, helping them appreciate the payoff by the end. By revealing the best or more important information in the beginning, readers no longer need to keep reading. This can be especially problematic if your goal is to keep readers on the page for as long as possible.

However, when your goal is to instruct or inform a reader, you should instead count up. This helps keep the reader follow easier and overall benefit better from your work. As they count up, they begin to see the bigger picture. You can also help readers follow with counting up or down by listing numbers with each section. With easy-to-read labels, your reader will be overall more satisfied with your work and want to return for future work.

Use Percentages to Provide a Perspective

Though many writers may dread seeing and having to write about numbers, you can write them to your advantage. When you write using percentages, you can easily make a point about how great or small something maybe.

For example, statistics say that the average reader will read about 20% of an article before growing bored. As a writer, this sounds like a rather harsh judgment, but this illustrates the point well. In contrast, explaining that most readers will only read about 100 words of a 500-word article fails to illustrate the point as clearly. The point is not how many words a consumer reads, but how much of the whole they ultimately read. Percentages help illustrate the perspective you want to demonstrate—be it great or small.

Transform Numbers to People

So perhaps as a writer you have grown tired of writing about numbers, statistics, and calculations. Chances are that the audience either has too or throwing numbers at them constantly has provided no lasting benefits. Instead, you can help engage them by turning those pesky, lifeless numbers into people with the right descriptors.

Though percentages can be good at providing a perspective, using them too often begins to dehumanize the article and information. Instead, you should number people in a way that helps the reader see them as individuals. For example, instead of saying 80% of people own a smartphone in America, say “every four of five people” own a smartphone. This helps the audience visualize the information with actual people as opposed to statistics. Visualization makes a story more powerful and engaging to readers, who have grown accustomed to numbers being hurled at them.

By utilizing many of these tips and tricks, you can make writing more interesting for yourself and reading more engaging for your audience. If your content marketing team is struggling to create the interesting content your brand needs, you can find help. Through services such as law firm marketing, social media management, and blog distribution networks, Actionable Agency can help. By offering many marketing solutions and web development for law firms across the country, we extend their reach and develop their business. At Actionable Agency, we can provide an analysis of your current strategy and website of your firm to help formulate new solutions. For more information, call us toll-free at (855) 206-9689.

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