Learning to Write Anchor Text

Learning to Write Anchor Text

Posted on: 18 May, 2020

“Anyone can write a blog,” might be a common statement you hear when discussing writing. After all, it only requires basic use of language, writing, and the topic at hand, right? Even though blog writing on its own may be simple, mastering blog writing can be its own learning curve.

Blogs require a number of elements to make them whole besides a few paragraphs. They need photos or illustrations, sources, headlines, proper formatting, and a call to action. Through these combined elements, you can write and create an effective, informative, persuasive blog that effectively illustrates your point.

To further fortify your argument, you must effectively provide links to your resources for facts and reinforcement. These can be provided through anchor text—text that can be clicked on to lead to a related source. Utilizing anchor text efficiently requires some specific technique, but what are those techniques? How do you define anchor text, and how can you apply it to your blogs in order to improve them? By educating yourself on the tools at your disposal, you can not only write exceptional blogs but great content that can help sell your brand.

Defining Anchor Text

Anchor text can be helpful to any blog, providing a related subject to read into and further educate the audience. Additionally, it can also help prove a point trying to be made with factual evidence. Anchor text is not itself a link but rather, the text highlighted that acts as potential hyperlinks for additional information.

By strategically working anchor text into an article, linking just about any resource can improve it. As simple as the concept of anchor text might be, however, writing them has complex layers involved. Instead of simply throwing words together, writers must also consider how these words affect search engines. By appropriately incorporating anchor text, blogs and articles can increase visibility with the right methods.

Can Anchor Text Boost Your Presence?

At first glance, anchor text seems to simply provide a source and extra information for a point; however, anchor text—sometimes referred to as link labels—can also escalate a website’s presence in search engines. This is because you can use keywords to give blogs and pages more relevance to a person’s web search.

To create this relevance, you can apply multiple types of anchor text. These types include:

  • Exact Match
  • Partial Match
  • Generic

Many of these types of anchor text work exactly as they say they do. An exact match uses keywords that completely matches the name of the page being linked to. A partial match includes keywords of the page being linked to but does not match exactly. For example, if a blog wants to link to a page about car accidents in Alabama, they might use keywords like “car accidents in 2018”. Finally, generic anchor text uses common words for links such as “here,” “this,” or even “click here.” Generic anchor text can be far less helpful, providing no indication of the link’s information nor matches potential keywords.

Without keywords in the anchor text, not only does the audience have no context, your work will have less prominence. In some cases, the anchor text might be completely absent with ordinary links or even in an image. Simply copying and pasting a link can come off as unprofessional while images provide zero keywords to work with.

How to Effectively Write Anchor Text

Anchor text may have specific guidelines you should follow, but writing it effectively ultimately boils down to a few components. Writing the best anchor text must be the following: short and specific. The keywords themselves should be concise—about four words—and inform the reader what information the link will provide. Therefore, exact or partial match anchor text works best as opposed to generic.

When inserting anchor text in a blog, both internal and external links should be included. This not only helps source information but promote your own business. By providing to both customers and general readers, anchor text can gather an even wider audience than by simply discussing one or the other. Strategically utilizing keywords and inserting anchor text provides vital promotion for businesses. With a good understanding of writing effective anchor text, articles can gather the best business and audience possible.

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