The Basics on How Search Engines Work

The Basics on How Search Engines Work

Posted on: 6 March, 2023

It is a normal day, and you need to know something, so you grab your phone or open up your computer, and you put your question into your preferred search engine. Within seconds, you have access to almost unlimited resources to look at so you can get the answers you were looking for. Using the internet and search engines these days is just part of living life, but how do these tools get the information you need so quickly and accurately for what you are looking for?

Having a business website is the first step in establishing a web presence, but getting people to go to your site and check out your services or businesses will require much more than designing attractive pages with informational content. There is more in-depth strategizing and methodology that must be done, including search engine optimization (SEO). When you have mastered SEO, you can improve the amount of traffic that gets funneled to your site, and then, with more views comes potentially more business.

Understanding The Basics of How Search Engines Operate

When you type in a basic question or group of words, search engines use what you type to scan billions of web pages to find those that match. Once identified, you will get a list of all that showed up in the search.

They can do this by using search algorithms that are designed to explore search indexes that contain all of the information that exists about the web pages present on the internet. As a search is being conducted, the search engine is going to be scanning for the sites that have information that is as closely related to the words in the search as possible. This is so that what is returned to the user is precise to what they want to see or what they are looking to find out.

Indexes are built through the use of:

  • URLs which essentially are addresses of sites.
  • Crawling identifies various URLs and downloads them.
  • Processing of pages that have been crawled to identify the most accurate for a search.
  • The selected pages are then put into an index.

Essentially there are billions of webpages that are on the internet. When a search is put into a search engine several things happen. All of these sites are scanned, and those that seem most appropriate are downloaded. These pages are processed to refine the results. An index is created that shows up on your end, and you can choose which sites will work for your purposes.

Not all pages are equal. Search engines use different means to rank pages. What this amounts to is those pages that understand how to use various SEO techniques such as backlinking, improving the relevance of a site, keywords, and more can get a higher rank over those that do not. 

Speak with a Marketing Agency Today

Ultimately, you want to have your site rank as high as possible in search results. This gives you a better chance that a person doing a search will, at least, look at your site versus a competitor that did not rank high in search results. Though, because popular search engines like Google, for example, do not publish their methods, businesses can often benefit from trained professionals that are always monitoring best SEO practices.

Call Actionable Agency today to speak with an SEO optimization professional to learn more about how you can improve the viability and visibility of your site to come up after a search is performed by calling 1 (818)-949-2618. 

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