The Importance of Updating Old Law Firm Marketing Content

The Importance of Updating Old Law Firm Marketing Content

Posted on: 23 August, 2021

If your law firm has been operating for a long time, it is very likely that you have developed many forms of marketing materials, have a website, social media accounts, and also other supporting advertising. After all, to grow your business it is necessary to put some amount of your budget towards marketing so you can get your firm’s name out there and increase your reach.

After some time though, content becomes outdated and it is no longer actively helping you continue to grow your business. Simply because old content is not exactly relevant today, doesn’t mean all the hard work you put into developing it has to go to waste. It is possible to revamp your old information instead of having to start from scratch which is a time saver. It is also a way to efficiently keep your marketing materials fresh and functional.

How to Update Old Marketing Content

Revising and updating law firm marketing content can be done by looking at how your industry has changed, technology has advanced, and marketing practices have evolved. If you have some great blogs, detailed and beneficial industry information, or content that has been very popular but a couple of techniques or specifics of how it was put together has changed, you can go back into those pieces and edit them. They can still essentially be giving the same valuable information your target audience wants but in a more modern and renewed way.

Here are some ways to revamp old materials:

  • Add media to old posts which gives your audience the choice of reading over your work or taking a quick look to watch a short video summary of the information.
  • To make content more dynamic incorporate infographics, new podcasts, or a webinar.
  • Make your content flexible by turning it into different formats. For example, a step-by-step guide could be turned into a video and you can also use the guide to make a podcast. If you have a video, get the transcripts for a blog or podcast. Putting your valuable content that has already garnered so much attention into many other forms provides your current and future audience with options. It will increase your ability to reach out to more people since different people prefer different methods of obtaining their information.
  • Familiarize yourself with new algorithms and periodically update your written content’s SEO to keep it competitive.
  • Over time processes, procedures, and approaches can change. If your content has some older information that isn’t relevant to helping someone by today’s standards, take that information out of your work and replace it with what will do the job for today’s times. With a few edits, you can have whole new pieces of material to post.

Speak with a Law Firm Marketing Agency Today

There are several ways to refresh and revive old content so that it continues to work in a streamlined fashion supporting your law firm’s visibility. Always checking in on your marketing plan to make sure it is practical and operational will help your law firm stay in front of new business and support growth efforts. To learn more about how a law firm marketing agency can help you with your law firm marketing strategy contact Actionable Agency today at (855)206-9689.  

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