The Most Effective Videos for Law Firm Websites

The Most Effective Videos for Law Firm Websites

Posted on: 7 June, 2021

Websites that have videos make a site more dynamic and attractive. In fact, websites that have videos draw in almost twice the number of viewers that websites without them get. Law firms can benefit greatly by incorporating informative videos where your expertise and personality are on display. One of the things that prospective clients must have is confidence and trust in their attorney. Seeing a video about your firm can reinforce why you stand out from your competition and why your firm deserves the opportunity to provide your legal services.

Getting more clicks increases the rate of inquiries you will receive for legal counsel and representation. More visitors to your site also helps improve your website’s strength and that relates to a higher ranking on the most popular search engines. If you are interested in adding your own distinctive videos to your law firm’s website, Actionable Agency can help. Through Actionable Agency’s video production services, every single step of the process will be handled for you so your end result is tailor-made to suit your law firm and your message.

What Types of Videos Should You Consider for Your Law Firm’s Website?

Videos can be one of the many strategies you use to better market your law firm and your legal services to your target audience. High-definition videos can keep people viewing your site longer and draw them in to reach out for more information or to schedule a meeting. When people can see you in action, they can get a feel for you and your law firm which may make them be more comfortable contacting you.

Videos that you should consider adding to your law firm’s website include:

  • Videos that highlight your unique law firm and what area of legal expertise you have. These videos can include discussions of legal cases you represented and how you have helped clients be successful with their legal pursuits. Videos that describe how your firm operates and what you can do to help people legally can also be a strong component of distinguishing your brand.
  • Videos that provide answers to FAQs can make it more clear about how your legal services and how they can help clients.
  • Testimonial videos establish your track record through stories from your real, satisfied clients. Prospective clients seeing other people who were in a similar situation as they are experiencing can improve their confidence in working with you over another lawyer.
  • Videos that interview your staff and show your office can not only explain what specific legal counsel you offer but also how your firm operates and what you are about. 

Speak with a Law Firm Marketing Agency Today

Videos are one component of a comprehensive and engaging marketing strategy for law firms that not only build the power of your website but can also be used on other highly visited channels like Youtube, for example. As a valuable marketing optimization technique, making intelligent and polished videos is something that Actionable Agency has extensive experience with and executes with precision.

To learn more about how video production services can reinforce your website’s strength and generate more leads, call Actionable Agency at (855)206-9689.

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