The Importance of Google Reviews for Law Firms

The Importance of Google Reviews for Law Firms

Posted on: 14 June, 2021

Becoming more visible and increasing your reach can get your website and your law firm in front of prospective clients which is a good thing. But when it comes to law firms and lawyers, people have to feel confident in the effectiveness of the legal services provided as well as comfortable to trust the attorney that provides them. There may be no other profession that is associated with lying and is generally looked at poorly by the public the way that the legal profession is. These stereotypes are often rooted in people’s intrinsic nature to resent positions of authority and individuals that are believed to be of high intelligence.

There have been several studies that look at why lawyers get a bad wrap. While you may not be able to overcome the stigma that comes with being a professional that is perceived largely by the public as competent but cold, you can try to make your law firm and your services more attractive and warm. When you have real-time reviews from clients that you served well and ultimately, helped, this may be a force factor that brings more clients to your law firm over your competition. Reviews strengthen your brand, increase confidence in your effectiveness, and they can also speak to your personal nature. All of these things can make prospective clients choose you over some other firm.

How Can You Increase Your Firms Google Reviews?

Reviews give your firm clout and tell prospective clients that your service work and that you have the ability to help others with their legal woes. Not only do Google reviews develop trust in your firm, but they can also make your website increase its rank online. Powerful reviews make up approximately 15% of all the actions you take to boost your rank for an online search.

Reviews may come easily from a client that was in dire straights and who you provided such outstanding service to, they feel compelled to leave one. Not every client is going to be like this, though. And even if you provided rockstar legal services to all of your clients, many of them will not take the time to leave a review about how great it was to work with your law firm. 

If you entice your clients to leave a positive response about your services you can get those incoming reviews that will strengthen your site and show others you do good work. When a link is created that makes it fast and convenient for your clients to just click and be counted, you take the work out of it for them and get all of the benefits. A link that you can send to all of your clients only requires them to easily click it and without any more effort or time, you have a newly logged review.

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There are many marketing strategies that can be used to boost the strength of your law firm’s website and get you front and center with the people you are looking to provide your legal services to. Actionable Agency can develop a comprehensive, cost-effective strategy that will help you increase your qualified leads and your online presence. Call Actionable Agency today to learn more about how you can capture more business with an effective legal marketing strategy at (855)206-9689. 

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