Three Ways To Write Marketing Content With More Personality

Three Ways To Write Marketing Content With More Personality

Posted on: 7 September, 2020

When you choose to write in order to promote a brand, you begin to see how the process becomes repetitive. Trying to sell people on a product or service can be difficult as you provide the facts while staying interesting. Additionally, as you learn to write in the most strategic way possible, you may fall into formulaic patterns.

Writers who fall into patterns likely grow bored with their work, and this boredom can reflect on readers as well. If the writer becomes bored with their work, chances are it will become a boring read for the audience. As a content writer, keeping the readers interested and engaged is crucial to hooking a greater audience.

Writing informative yet engaging content can be tricky and difficult, but you can adopt new methods to keep it fascinating. By adopting just a few new writing tips, you can create more thought-provoking and fun content while still informing readers.

Write a Good Story

Though you may be writing informative branding as the writer, this does not throw storytelling out the window. In fact, you should try to employ stories into your writing to some degree, though without dominating the topic. People grow bored of reading advertisements or manuals, but they do love a good story.

How you can incorporate an interesting story relevant to the brand or topic at hand is to tie them together. For example, if you want to convince readers to hire an attorney, tell a positive experience with a lawyer. Inserting an anecdote not only entertains the audience but helps convince them to engage in the brand in question.

Additionally, you can also use a story or anecdote to start your article and establish the stage. This hooks the readers into the article first, and gradually transitions to the real point: that you have a solution to their problem.

Write as You Speak and Address the Audience

As you write in a professional setting, you may feel inclined to write as strict and methodically as possible; however, doing so can be the easiest way to bore and detract readers. Though you want to be courteous and maintain a level of professionalism, you also want to be personable and relatable. Ultimately, you want to strike a balance of skilled and casual that reassures the reader but also makes them comfortable.

One means of doing is by coming down to the audience’s level and writing how you talk—within reason of course. Though you never want to start with a “Hey y’all!” you should write in a way that reflects how you speak on an everyday basis. If you enjoy sprinkling some sass into your conversations, try planting some seeds of it in your writing. You can do this by asking the occasional rhetorical questions or even outright addressing the audience directly from your article. Nevertheless, you do not want to recreate your speech exactly and trim it to avoid a wordy stream of consciousness.

You can also consider reaching directly to the audience themselves through outside means, including email marketing or social media marketing. With interviews and questions, you can receive feedback that can help both your work and keeps the audience involved.

Enjoy What You Write About

A content writer may be able to write in your own style and tell fascinating stories, but these mean nothing without the writers’ own investment. A great writer can communicate a passion for subjects through their wording, terminology, and writing style. If you find yourself working with a topic you cannot care about, this lack of interest will reflect in writing. After all, if the writer fails to stay invested, how can they expect readers to be invested too?

Writers with zero interest in their topic tend to write with boring and dry structure and vocabulary. To truly leave an impact, content writers need to have the enthusiasm to capture readers with their stories and writing style. For many people, enthusiasm is contagious, and enthusiasm alone can convince a person to invest in a product or brand.

With the right style, interesting topics, voice, and stories, a content writer can sell the audience on just about anything. If your content marketing team is struggling to create the interesting content your brand needs, you can seek support. Through services such as law firm marketing, social media management, and blog distribution networks, Actionable Agency can help. By offering many marketing solutions and web development for law firms across the country, we extend their reach and develop their business. At Actionable Agency, we can provide an analysis of your current strategy and website of your firm to help formulate new solutions. For more information, call us toll-free at (855) 206-9689.

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