What Does Law Firm SEO Mean?

What Does Law Firm SEO Mean?

Posted on: 24 May, 2021

If you are starting your own law firm or if you have already established one, like any business, a common concern is how to attract and keep new clientele coming through the doors. After all, clients are the lifeblood of your business and what you need to stay functional. You may have a lot of training and experience in your specific field of law and you have tremendously helpful legal services to offer, but unless you are also quite knowledgeable about marketing, then your approach to exposure to new clientele is likely lacking. 

Actionable Agency is a law firm marketing company that can work with you to devise a strategic and comprehensive marketing plan unique to your services, your location, and your preferred clientele.  With a well-designed and effective website along with other savvy marketing maneuvers, you can have more traffic flow to your site organically making it stronger and as such, you will be visible to more of your target audience.  When you choose to work with Actionable Agency you are in good hands. As an experienced and well-versed lawyer marketing agency, Actionable Agency can help you broaden your reach to produce consistent, qualified leads.

What is Law Firm SEO and What Does it Do?

Whether you have a law firm that has multiple lawyers or you are a sole practice, law firm SEO will grab from various marketing solutions to make your firm better seize the attention of the clientele that you serve. The techniques that are utilized with a solid law firm SEO plan will get the most prominent search engines to notice you and rank you higher. As you build your rank strength, you will be seen at the top of common searches that your target audience is making and they will see your firm first. This by itself sets you apart from your competition.

Some examples that would be included in a law firm SEO strategy include:

  • Website optimization
  • Producing the most distinct, helpful, and superior website content.
  • Performing keyword searches to utilize in your material.

The higher you rank in the results of an online search the better positioned you are to be front and center and seen by your preferred market. Research shows that as high as 43% of people searching for a specific product or service online will automatically click on the first websites that show up in their search engine results pages. That is substantial, especially when considering that if you are not on top and just a bit below, like in the 10th position, for instance, only a little more than 3% of people will see you and click on your website.

Speak with a Lawyer Marketing Agency Today

The more clicks you get the stronger your site is and there are clever and innovative ways to get your website to show up first. To learn more about how you can improve your reach, Actionable Agency can help. Call Actionable Agency today for effective law firm marketing solutions in the most cost-effective manner at (818)-949-2618. 

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