Why “Passion” Has No Place in Content Writing

Why “Passion” Has No Place in Content Writing

Posted on: 15 March, 2021

You read right: passion has no place in the industry of content writing. At least, it may not in the way you normally think it does. While having a feeling of passion may be important in content writing, the word itself is not the issue. Rather, the problem is the overuse and misuse of the word throughout the industry.

As supposed experts in the field of words, blindly throwing out words is a sin among us writers. You cannot throw out words with an assumed pretense of what the word means. Writers who overuse the word passion in phrases such as, “Graphic design is my passion,” have long lost the word’s significance.

The problem however is not just misunderstanding a word. Rather, the issue is all about knowing what to say and having better words to utilize it. As a writer, you need to constantly expand your category and denote the right words. With more words, you can explain so much more about “passion” with the right specifics.

The Problem with “Passion”

When the word passion comes about in your mind, you can probably find a stronger, more specific word instead. If passion serves as anything for most writers, it acts as a placeholder for better words.

When we look up the word passion, it has a broader definition than you might remember. Passion is a “strong or powerful feeling”, ranging from any emotion to joy, love, hate, anger, or even sexual sensations. Between so many possible meanings, writers can utilize so many other different, more precise words. Utilizing the word passion frequently not only limits what you try to say but demonstrates weaker writing overall.

Words to Use Instead

The problem with passion goes beyond use to the point of cliché. Instead, you should be utilizing more definitive and fitting language. Based on where your “passion” lies, you should change the words accordingly. Maybe you lack certainty over which words work best. Consider the following words to use in its place:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Diligence
  • Loyal
  • Resilience
  • Persistence
  • Determination
  • Energy
  • Knowledgeable
  • Hard-working
  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Commitment

Each of these words describes some form of passion while denoting an attached emotion or feeling. For example, enthusiasm denotes a positive interest and attachment to the subject. Experience and Expertise denote that you have not just interest, but a deep understanding of the subject. Persistence and Determination can also note that your passion extends beyond the norm, regardless of the positives or negatives. In the future, consider these and other similar words based on your topics.

How to Truly Utilize Your “Passion”

If you should use your “passion” for anything, use it for improving your work for the better. Study words that communicate your thoughts stronger along with greater accuracy and illustration. Understand the pros of the word passion, but also avoid the abuse of it. A great writer uses their tools after knowing them inside and out. Prove yourself to be a better writer, expand your vocabulary, and study the impact of which words work best. Now, get to it and start writing!

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