What Words Can Make or Break Your Content Marketing Writing?

What Words Can Make or Break Your Content Marketing Writing?

Posted on: 22 March, 2021

Whether we realize it or not, words are the backbone of a writer’s work. We use words as the skeleton to make up the body of our works and articles. Though all words may be crafted equally, their usage in writing is not. Simply put, some words are more effective in marketing than others.

In content marketing, you cannot afford to rely on writing pretty and big. What matters is how persuasive and strong the words you choose are in the context. As a newer content writer, you lack certainty in what words and what qualities of them make them powerful. And you would not be expected to automatically know without anyone telling you. By studying, learning, and understanding what qualities make the words in your work powerful, you can write stronger, better material.

What Makes Your Words Powerful

What qualities make for powerful words to use in your writing? Words that hold confidence, certainty, and empowerment are but a few qualities. Additionally, stronger words strike a balance of emotions and rational thinking that appeal to the reader. They simply make sense while also striking personal chords.

Some examples of strong, persuasive words include:

  • Announcing
  • Introducing
  • Revolutionary
  • Remarkable
  • Sensational
  • Startling
  • Quick
  • Offer
  • Miracle
  • Bargain
  • Challenge

The powerful persuasion element of these words encourages action and choice. In content marketing, this is crucial for business. As a content writer, you write not to wow the audience with your vocabulary but to attract their attention. And just as you need a balance of emotion and power, you also need a balance of complexity and understanding. Avoid skimming the thesaurus for the fanciest and biggest words possible and stick to what the average person knows.

What Words Weaken Your Writing

If emotion-filled and influential words help empower your writing, what vocabulary will water it down? Naturally, the words on the opposite side of the spectrum have this effect. When you have no idea what words to avoid, consider what aspects hurt the words that strengthen your work. If your words are emotional, empty words would damage any power they had. When you strive to be persuasive, using words that lack certainty or confidence damage that confidence.

If you still feel confused, here are just a few examples of words to avoid:

  • Try
  • Don’t
  • Could
  • Should
  • Maybe
  • Might
  • Think
  • Possibly
  • Perhaps
  • Potentially

Consider this: You would not pay a doctor to give you an uncertain diagnosis. Namely, if the doctor told you, “I think you have cancer,” you have no idea if you can trust his judgment. As a patient, you need answers, the right answers, or you can waste thousands treating your nonexistent illness. If you pay to hear from the professionals, you have every right to expect a correct and certain answer. In content writing, your audience expects the same from you. You dare not let them down if you claim to be a specialist and want to bring in the hits.

Structuring Your Work in the Future

Ultimately, the quality of your work will be reflected in many of the word choices you utilize in content. In content writing, your main goal is to educate, convince, and sell the reader on your products and services. Writing with uncertainty is a sure way to lose the audience, but you can win them over with confidence. Next time you write, consider every word you put on the page. What kind of power does that word have? Does it strengthen or weaken your work or the point you are trying to make? The specialty of a writer is your words, and you need to employ them as such.

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