Different Types of Paid Advertising that Can Help Your Law Firm

Different Types of Paid Advertising that Can Help Your Law Firm

Posted on: 25 October, 2021

Attracting new business is one of the primary jobs of those that oversee a law firm. To keep the firm going, new clients need to call, come in, and hire your lawyers. There are so many marketing strategies and approaches that can be used to increase visibility and they are constantly changing. Keeping up with everything and developing a plan that maximizes a law firm’s advertising dollars and works, can feel like a big task for a lawyer to do alone.

Actionable Agency is a law firm marketing agency that can take the guesswork out of planning a comprehensive and robust marketing strategy customized to your law firm’s needs and target audience. When your firm wants to make the most out of your marketing budget and have the greatest impact, Actionable Agency can assist your efforts.

Different Paid Advertising Options

All law firms should be utilizing powerful SEO to boost their website’s ranking. When SEO is used properly, the popular search engines will pick up on your law firm’s website much easier and rank it higher. This will give you an advantage over your competition. That is if you are doing it right to edge out the competition. Because your competitors will also be finding ways to improve their SEO practices to weed you out, working with a professional who knows SEO marketing and how to make it productive is critical.

There are other ways to advertise that you can invest your marketing dollars towards. Pay-per-click can be very effective at getting new clients. Pay-per-click advertising can be used on social media platforms or through search engines. To get your ads out and to have a search engine choose it to show up, it has to win a bidding auction. Having them professionally done is prudent.

When it comes to social media, a predetermined amount is charged for each click your ad gets. You can choose how many clicks you will pay for. Then every time your ad is clicked, the number of clicks you assigned to it will decrease until all the clicks are used up.  

Paid advertising that you can buy for social media platforms allows you to define who your target audience is, what social media they use, and what categories they would most likely be interested in. Then, you would choose the ads that best fit your law firm’s services and the people who would want them. When a person looking for your services is in a category you chose they will see your ad show up. 

Speak with a Law Firm Marketing Agency Today

Typically, a law firm does best when it combines various different marketing strategies. For example, SEO is incredibly generative, but it takes time to get it to its peak. Whereas pay-per-click campaigns cost more, but they offer a rapid return by putting your law firm right in front of the people who need your services. To find the right techniques and manner that will best support your law firm’s efforts, the legal marketing firm Actionable Agency can help. Do not hesitate to call Actionably Agency today to learn more at 1 (818)-949-2618. 

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