How To Fix A Broken Content Strategy

How To Fix A Broken Content Strategy

Posted on: 16 March, 2020

Businesses generate a lot of content from one year to the next. It can be very difficult to produce unique content with all of the other companies doing the same thing. There are many mediums that this content can be created through such as social media sites, blogs, podcasts, youtube videos, or an article on the web. One study found that 26% of US adults are almost always online. There is a large market for online content strategies. The media is constantly changing and individual’s needs are always different depending on the week. It can be difficult to keep up with the constant trends. You don’t always have to produce brand new content you can create content from old strategies. Even if you feel like your strategy is broken because of market changes and customer needs, there are ways to fix it. Listed below are some helpful tips on how you can fix your content strategy and resurface it.  

Refocus Your Current Message

If you are feeling stuck, refocus your content message. You might have to do some initial research to determine what your audience likes and what they want. Their needs are constantly changing along with market trends, so it is always a good idea to start with the basics and determine what they want. Once you have determined exactly what their needs are, then you can refocus your message to what they need. This will help you gain more traffic throughout your website and also keep your current audience interested. It is important to keep your current audience satisfied as well as try to gain new customers. 

Add Different Media

It can get boring to read too many blog posts with information that all starts to sound the same. Reading long posts forces individuals to focus on the text they are reading. This means they need to limit all distractions which can be difficult in our busy lives. As technology continues to advance, there are other interesting ways to incorporate content besides writing and posting blogs. One study found digital ad spending is expected to increase by 19%. There are many different platforms you can use to post content. For example, creating a video or podcast would be a great way to gain attention from your audience. Often individuals will sit through a quick information video over reading lengthy posts. 

If you think your current strategy is broken, try to spice it up by creating a video. You can still use the same information as the blog post, you are just creating a different way to publish the content. The information you already have on the topic will help you construct a quality informative video. It is also easier to take that writing and create bullet points from it. This will also help you organize thoughts into a video or podcast so your audience can follow along easily. 

Hiring A Marketing Agency 

It can be difficult to determine how to fix your broken content strategy. It is often overwhelming to try to find a content strategy that works for different types of individuals. If you are unhappy with your current content strategy, contact Actionable Agency for help with all of your marketing needs. We will help you formulate a plan so you can cater to multiple individuals and stay competitive in your industry. Contact Actionable Agency today to find out how we can help you fix your broken content strategy. Call us at (855) 206-9689.

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