Improving Your Law Firm’s Social Media Engagement

Improving Your Law Firm’s Social Media Engagement

Posted on: 28 June, 2021

Building meaningful relationships with your client base that helps improve your presence and enhance the trust these individuals have in your service and expertise is incredibly important for businesses to thrive. There are many social media platforms that are available these days which provide lawyers with effective ways to directly connect with prospective clients and improve the chances that these individuals will call on them when they need legal counsel. If you have not established a strong social media presence your firm is missing out on interfacing with individuals that could use your legal counsel and services. 

If you are engaged in many social media platforms, then it is important you are regularly keeping them up and ensuring they are active to attract and maintain followers. The effort that goes into managing social media accounts is the difference between making the conversion from active followers to paying clients. Keeping up with all platforms effectively is a job in itself and when you also have your firm to manage, working with a social media management agency is one way to ensure that your social media is robust and engaging. Actionable Agency provides social media management services for law firms that allow legal professionals to boost their online presence and expand their reach to clients that are in need of their professional assistance.

Ways that You Can Improve Your Social Media Engagement

There are many ways that you can increase your law firm’s social media engagement, including the following:

  • No matter what type of posts a follower leaves on your social media accounts, it is important to acknowledge them in a timely manner and respond. This shows that you care about what your followers think and have to say and it also provides an opportunity to quickly address and resolve negative comments. 
  • Post information that your followers are interested in and want to know about. Posting information or content that is unappealing and uninteresting is not going to draw people in. When you put up informational and relevant information alongside quirky fun posts, then you increase the appeal of your accounts.
  • Regular posting and posting often on a daily basis is crucial to keeping your audience involved and interested in going to your accounts. If you can keep a consistent schedule of up to 3 posts on each of your accounts daily, and target those to show up anywhere between 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. you will be in good shape.
  • Do fun activities like contests that have prizes to motivate people to visit your social media accounts.

Speak to a Social Media Management Agency Today

Effective social media management is a critical part of an overall comprehensive marketing campaign that will improve lead generation and drive more business to your law firm. The Actionable Agency is a law firm marketing agency that provides law firms with extensive and strategic web development and marketing solutions. To learn more about how Actionable Agency can assist you with your website and marketing needs please call (855)206-9689. 

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