Stopping the Writing Trend of “Broetry”

Stopping the Writing Trend of “Broetry”

Posted on: 9 November, 2020

As you read the above headline, some content writers might be wondering: what in the world is “broetry”? You might not know the term, but you have probably seen it in action.

Writers will simply type out their sentences in a single line.

One line after another.

They do this in hopes of getting the audience’s attention.

Strictly for business purposes and growth.

But we should be honest with ourselves.

No human being enjoys reading an article like this.

You just read part of the trend known as broetry, a “broem” if you will. Put simply, broetry is a business-oriented article that reads like free verse poetry. Oftentimes, they will start out with an attention-grabbing sentence that draws readers in, then continues in consecutive sentences. Even if it works to grab attention, broetry can be a horrible format for turning conversions and building business.

What about makes it such a weak strategy of writing, and what should you write instead? Many other strategies that not only entice your writers better but read far easier on their eyes and mind.

Broetry Works for Machines, Not People

At first, the idea of broetry might seem brilliant for readers, especially those reading off mobile devices. Reading shorter paragraphs from a smaller screen seems optimal at first, but this brief writing quickly becomes monotonous. This means the article begins to drone, detracts the readers’ attention away, and loses their interest. With boring writing, you lose business opportunities and lower conversion rates overall.

The occasional shorter and single sentences work well for communicating information quickly and smoothly. But once you begin to overuse it, the reader easily loses the investment. So why do people use broetry at all? The truth is, broetry gets easily picked up by machine learning and algorithms and looks eye-catching on social media. Using short, quick sentences requires utilizing important keywords to be meaningful, which is exactly what algorithms search for. Therefore, the idea of broetry itself might not be bad for search engine optimization, but writing in the style of it easily loses the audience.

The Dying Trend of Broetry

Just like clickbait headlines, broetry is just another internet trend played up for boosting views and attracting the audience’s attention. But like many other trends, it fails to last long and ultimately has begun dying off in its effectiveness and use. Just like with clickbait headlines, readers begin to catch on to the trick and simply ignore them altogether.

Broetry may seem like an enticing method of bringing in traffic at first, but remains destined to fade into obscurity. Once the audience notices the repetitive, short, monotonous tone after reading just a few broems, they will move along. The best way to create the next big hit is by ignoring trends altogether and capture readers with your own merits.

What to Write Instead?

If you have written a form of broetry to capture an audience or build up hits, you might feel lost. If broetry is a dying trend and only works with machines, what can you write instead that works effectively? For one, begin writing content with more natural, varied sentences and paragraphs. You can not only write longer, natural sentences, but also snappy sentences that get to the point. As a writer, what matters is creating a balance that flows and reads well for the audience.

Writing content filled with information while quick to read can be another difficult balance to strike. You should avoid giving away all answers in the first few paragraphs but provide just enough to leave readers satisfied. This pleases both dedicated readers and skimmers and potentially brings them to read more in the future.

Finally, open up with the reader. Tell them your own personal stories and experiences related to the content at hand. This gives your writing the personality that stiff broetry writing fails to. You write content meant for people to read. Promoting SEO and boosting results on search engines may be a goal, but not the priority.

By appealing to readers first, you create content that successfully satisfies and assists customers while boosting your brand’s own conversion rates. If you find yourself struggling to write content for your brand, we can help. Through services such as law firm marketing, social media management, and blog distribution networks, Actionable Agency can help. By offering many marketing solutions and web development for law firms across the country, we extend their reach and develop their business. At Actionable Agency, we can provide an analysis of your current strategy and website of your firm to help formulate new solutions. For more information, call us toll-free at (855) 206-9689.

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