The Most Common Law Firm Marketing Mistakes

The Most Common Law Firm Marketing Mistakes

Posted on: 12 July, 2021

Law firms like any type of business must have a solid and comprehensive marketing plan in place to get in front of their desired target market and increase their caseloads. Because lawyers typically do not also specialize and stay up to date on advanced marketing techniques, the potential to make mistakes when developing a marketing plan is much higher when a firm goes it alone. Actionable Agency is a legal marketing firm that has a substantial amount of experience developing content marketing plans that will improve the rank of your website and internet presence.

Marketing Mistakes Law Firms Should Avoid 

There are common decisions and actions that many law firms engage in which are not beneficial to building their brand and business. These include:

  • Shopping around for the right law firm marketing agency is a smart move. But picking the agency that you work with solely based on how low they price their services could be a waste of critical financial resources on your end. When the agency you choose is subpar, you may be spending less to get their services initially but an inferior marketing strategy will result in missed opportunities and thus less potential to make money. Actionable Agency, for example, offers superior legal marketing services that can be custom-fit for a variety of budgets.
  • When your ads are not strategically placed but instead put in a directory listing it is much harder to stand out from your competition. These directory listing sites do not attract much traffic on top of putting you directly in a cluster of other legal professionals in your same niche.
  • Be wary of marketing agencies that do work for other law firms in your area that you compete with. The effectiveness and uniqueness of your marketing approach have the potential to mirror your competition and reduce your chances of having the cutting edge on them.
  • If your website isn’t working for your law firm, gaining increased attention from qualified leads and converting them into clients, then you need to speak up. It will either need to be re-designed to be more functional or you should look into other lawyer marketing agencies that produce higher quality results for their clients.
  • Understanding analytics so that decisions can be made based on the data is incredibly important. If you are not spending the necessary time to gather up your web analytic information and use it as a guide, the decisions you make could be a huge waste of your money because they likely will not give you the return you expected. It is essential to maximize your marketing budget.

Work with an Effective Law Firm Marketing Agency

A thorough and tactical legal marketing strategy will increase your law firm’s ability to grow and your business to be robust. Actionable Agency knows how important a smart and unique law firm marketing plan is to the viability and success of your business. To learn more about the legal marketing solutions that are available to benefit your law firm call Actionable Agency today at (855)206-9689. 

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