What Content Marketing Strategy Should Your Law Firm Use?

What Content Marketing Strategy Should Your Law Firm Use?

Posted on: 27 September, 2021

It is necessary to promote your law firm to the public so you can get clients that make your business run. However, the way you do so will determine how many calls you get and how long the phone line sits silent. Getting stuck in the mindset that your legal expertise and services are no different than the competition is a common mistake that law firms make.

Thinking this way will not lead to a productive brand that is attractive to potential clients. You have to show that your firm sticks out from your competition for very specific reasons. These reasons should be targeted to the particular client profile that would need your services.

Figuring out how to effectively brand your law firm in a way that makes sense and is appealing to new clients can be tricky. There are several questions that should be asked before a unique identity is established.

If the thought of figuring out how to put together a comprehensive and competent marketing plan gives you a headache, Actionable Agency can help. Actionable Agency is a law firm marketing agency that can work with you to develop an approach that will best meet your goals and also falls within your budget.

How Does a Law Firm Brand Themself?

Consider the following questions when you are deciding what makes the best sense for your law firm’s brand:

  • How many lawyers do you have at your firm and what specific legal successes or niche expertise do they have? What volunteer work and notable cases can they be associated with?
  • What outstanding, interesting, or triumphant work has your law firm done? How has your law firm specifically helped people like your target audience?
  • Is your law firm’s work environment more formal or casual? Is it a heavily aggressive firm or is the emphasis more on the caring and compassionate side?
  • How does your law firm actually look? What is the aesthetic of your office?
  • How does your firm conduct internal business?
  • What is your approach to managing clients and communications with them?
  • Is the working atmosphere at your firm receptive to the ingenuity and open to feedback by employees or are there specific protocols and guidelines that are strictly adhered to?
  • How do you charge clients? Very specifically, what services are included in your pricing system and what options do you offer clients to make payments?

If you can nail down all of the aspects of your firm, you are better positioned to skillfully work on its brand. Once you have a more custom identity, you can align your marketing plan to fit it and promote your firm.

Call a Law Firm Marketing Agency Today

Every part of a law firm’s marketing strategy has to be done right to get the best results. Consider letting the talented website development and marketing professionals at the law firm content marketing agency Actionable Agency assist you with your marketing efforts.

Do not delay, call Actionable Agency today at (855)206-9689 to get more information on how working with a law firm marketing company can be beneficial to your firm.  

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