How Do Search Engines Work 

How Do Search Engines Work 

Posted on: 27 January, 2020

Search engines are used non-stop in today’s technology-rich world. Often when an individual is looking for answers to any type of question, they will type it into the search box. Within seconds, results from the web will show up and give individuals multiple sites to look at. This is such a quick and easy way to look up anything and it is incredibly convenient. You can utilize this tool anywhere at any time. 

Define A Search Engine


Two main things make up a search engine. These two things are an entire database of information and algorithms that compute results. These results will be ranked depending on the question asked and the reliability of the site. Google is an example of a search engine that consists of billions of web pages and algorithms that deliver the most relevant results from hundreds of different factors.  

There is a specific system on how search engines work. When a question is typed in the search bar, the system will sort through all of the relevant URLs and extract them in order by relevance. All of the possible answers will be posted below with the webpage link to look at. 

How Does Google Work

The first step is to discover the correct content and then rank the matching results to what the user searched. Every search engine has a different algorithm for ranking websites. Google crawls the web to find the content they need. When something is searched, it will find the matching results and rank them by relevance in seconds. This system operates incredibly fast to give users the answers they need quickly. This search engine is incredibly reliable as one study found that in 2017 Google held 77 percent of the global marketing share. This number is continuing to increase as Google took another 10 percent of the market from its rivals in 12 months. Google uses a few different factors to find relevant content and they are listed below:

  • Search Intent: Google understands that individuals perform searches for a reason and this helps them return better results to their users. They rank their content by what their users expect to see. 
  • Topic Relevance: When a web page contains the same keywords as the search box then Google recognizes it as a sign of relevance. They also will recognize if the keywords are in headlines and rank those articles as well.
  • Content Style: This category covers three different types of content including images, videos, and text-based content. This is all depending on what is typed in the search bar. Google will pull the most relevant content relating to what users want to see. 

Hiring A Marketing Agency

Search engines can be a large part of a marketing strategy. If you create links and rank them into Google’s high importance content, then users will see these links when they search into google. If you would like advice on your current marketing strategy or help with topics relating to search engines, Actionable Agency can help you with any of your marketing needs. We want to help you determine the best marketing tools for your company so you can increase your overall profits. Contact Actionable Agency today to determine how we can help you create new marketing strategies. Call us at (855) 206-9689. 

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