What to Learn About Writing Content Marketing

What to Learn About Writing Content Marketing

Posted on: 1 March, 2021

For many experienced with the English language, being paid to write is a dream. In today’s world, that dream has become more feasible than ever with the possibilities of the internet. But writing professional content marketing requires more experience and finesse than just self-publishing blogs or tweeting on Twitter.

Hands-on experience with certified writing jobs on a deadline teaches many unique lessons and mindsets. For new writers, the best way to prepare is not studying textbooks but listening from writers who just write. You may find the field lacks the sugarcoating you dreamed of but can still embrace the joy of writing.

Writing Is Not a Solo Job

After writing so many essays in college courses, you might have grown convinced that you work as a one-man team. But when it comes to professional work, this could not be further from the truth. You may be responsible for crafting the first draft or even picking themes and subjects, but few professionals work alone.

Though you can choose to work alone, much of the best writing emerges from collaborative efforts. Content marketing editors not only watch out for simple spelling errors but the overall composition and sentence structure. If a statement does not make sense to an outside reader, the editor exists to point that out. Some editors or other collaborative writers work to suggest and add new ideas that can improve what you already established. Though many readers may never notice, some of the best material they will read are collaborative efforts.

Writers’ Block is a Lie

Every writer has spent a day staring at a page blankly as that familiar blinking cursor mocks them. We sigh, we curse and condemn the infamous “writers’ block” for the issue. But the truth is: writers’ block is ultimately a lie. Not just a lie, but a scapegoat we use to excuse our problems, whether we realize it or not.

Usually, the problem lies not that you cannot figure out what to say, but how to say it. We obsess over finding just the right words to express our ideas, perhaps to an unhealthy degree. Eventually, this leads to a counterproductive process where less gets done than if we simply wrote everything as it comes.

So, what is the solution to writers’ block? Just write. The first draft exists to get the basic idea of what you want to say in written form. Stop fretting about how you write the first draft because you cannot nor should not grow attached to it. Write all your ideas and thoughts, reuse the same words, use all the wrong words if they get the ideas down. You will come back to it to find all the right words in later drafts.

Writing Is Not Always Easy

Any person can write a negative review on Amazon but writing professionally is another dilemma. Putting down the actual words may come naturally, but as you already know, writing requires more than words. The process requires research, fact-checking, finding the right stories, collaborating, and editing.

But even the writing itself requires dedication, time, focus, and the discipline to complete it. Even though anyone can sit down and write, few can put in the time and effort to do it well. Even if getting down the words is easy, truly writing and refining is the real work. And by understanding what components and mindsets make a great professional writer, you can build yourself up to become one.

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